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Wargaming the Mahabarat

Tradition with a capital “T” is of course all important for all true Dice Studz. Dave Lowrie has scoured the ancient Vendic texts for enlightenment and the revered text disappointed him. Rather than the Aryan supermen of old , he decided upon Ghaznavids from three thousand years later. May my brave charioteer Krishna, have mercy upon his soul , ever to return to Earth. I would stick with the Ancient lore and bring Vendic Indians …

Hardly the organisation I needed for L’art de la Guerre. I went with one corps of bow, hopefully next to an Indus size waterway. The Gods were kind and provided handsomely.
Dave added to the position’s strength with a field ( rough ground)
My gallant foot in the centre would have two elephants to rally around.
The warriors of the Vendic scrolls may have needed Krishna to show them the path of duty. Six chariot units of elite nobles were ready to sweep the untouchables from the field on my right.
The Noble’s elite bows would have to get through the Ghulams armour but they did have numbers on their side( on case where the aristocrat has to concede to the mass?)
Dave’s Northerners we’re not impressed by the Aryans. An advance all across the line was ordered.
Two elephant Death Stars attacked in the centre but went in piecemeal!
The Aryan nobles were forced to fight for their lives but they had a flank and used it to their advantage.
Krishna be praised the battle turned!
Gaining heart from their Noble charioteers, the lower castes too sensed victory!
The Ghaznavid horse had shyed away from the bows. Dave had sent them to the other flank and the bowmen now rolled up the Central battle line.
Victory for the dutiful! It had been a great game. Terrain and troop quality had done for the Northern barbarian! Dave had his revenge though as in the car park my whole army slid out of my hand and bounced unceremoniously on the tarmac. Bad karma had struck! It was time to go home!
If you are a keen player of L’art de la Guerre in the Cardiff area then our monthly 28mm evening maybe for you? Friday 30 th July is the date for the High Medieval period! 5pm assembly!

Thanks for reading!


Beware the Tarmacadam my son!


  1. Nice looking game and troops! 🙂 Hope your army wasn’t too damaged by it’s freefall experience – I’ve done the same in the past and been up until the small hours fixing them (they never seem to get left ’til the next day)!

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    • I feel your pain John! I’ve had three accidents over the last few years with boxes in transit- I have told the wife that it wouldn’t happen if we had a wargames annex!!!! She suggested rubber troops😡

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  2. The Guru approves. You have caused the P.I.G.S. temple acolytes to stop reading the karmasutra and start reading the Vendic texts, but were surprised when they didn’t have the illustrations of the former.

    Gurus say “one must get a grip of one figures when gloating in a car park”.

    Like the others I hope they haven’t received too much damage. Unfortunately we have all done it at some time.

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    • I think it was Krishna who advised the lazy gamer not to carry a shoulder bag whilst using both arms to carry a heavy weight- position number 36 in the Readers digest edition of the Sutra😳

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  3. I think Krishna also said “The more successful the army the more battle damage it receives”! Good luck with the “touch ups” (0ops is that politically correct these days?).

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