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Alone together!

I’ve always spent far too much time on You-tube and Twitter- face. Anti- social media has robbed me of so many hours. It started with music , transitioned through YouTube talks and most recently has arrived at what I call the hobby personality blogs. Atom… Read More

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Danger Close: the Despertaferres pick of the week

“Simply the best film I have seen in decades…….” Why don’t we know enough of our own history? Why do we bemoan our fate when we don’t make films and books that get the adrenaline pumping. For the generation brought up on El Cid and… Read More

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Rapid Fire Reloaded- The Bridge at Son #2

Part two of a play through of the brand new ruleset; Rapid Fire Reloaded. All photos from the Don McHugh collection. We left our gallant American heroes just hanging on to the village as the Panzerbrigade closes in. Top right of the above photo, you… Read More

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Wargaming the Spanish Civil War with Bolt-action

¡Arriba España!   Inspired by the lovely figures and models from Empress Miniatures I embarked on a new lockdown project of collecting both sides for a Bolt Action Spanish Civil War. So far, the Rebels/Nationalists are now done and dusted and work is progressing on… Read More

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Fast play American Civil War Rules- Firepower

Editor’s note: We were all set. Blucher and its Chamberlain variant for the largest battles, and Bolt- action variant “Colt- action” for 28mm skirmishes. But Uncle Ken is from a different school, steeped in history and a dewey eye when he sees old school rank… Read More

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The Tercio- “too old and too useless!?”

A wargames army where even the commanding officer has his doubts? An impulsive purchase relights an old love! ” The junior officers, n.c.o.’s and enlisted men were not so suitable. The n.c.o.’s and enlisted men were taken from static batteries on the coast and on… Read More

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Run, hide, tell ?

Strange times indeed. The spineless PM walks off crying, the front runner to replace the PM is Boris and he has gone against all his past history and is now “resolutely” pro- Brexit. Meanwhile other front runners completely fail to defend Roger Scruton against a… Read More