Don McHugh Eye-candy!

imageThe new century had just begun and the above army took to the field on the SW Wargames circuit. Following hot on the heels of Don’s earlier competition army, 15mm Alexandrians, this Fifteenth century collection has gone into Gamer’s lore. Commanded by the loveable rogue that is Don, and his partner/ sensei Steve, it could not be stopped! Front Rank figures should pay this gentleman an advertising fee! And don’t ask, he won’t sell it! I’ve asked him so many times it’s become embarrassing. Hope that you enjoy the images…….


imageimage imageimageThanks Don for the inspiration ………


  1. I remember seeing this army on the gaming table a few years ago… I’m blatantly copying his ideas for painting the pikes for my revamped 28mm Swiss for 6/7 June.

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    • The bully has been destroying the competition hopes of thousands with it for years! I’ve tried to persuade him to sell it to me I don’t know how many times!


      • He was still refusing to sell at three thousand! Loved those flags you found btw! Send me some photos of your completed army and I ‘lol start a gallery for your work too!


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