L’Art de la Guerre Late Romans



Every wargamer worth his salt needs this army. The uniforms, the history and the drama make this particular army one of my all time favourites. It was also the first wargames armies to blood me in the cut throat world of competition gaming, many years ago in Slimbridge. Huns slowed me down, bolt shooters forced recoils (remember those?) and then Armenian cataphracts chewed my Polybian Romans up. I was hooked. My 15mm army has gone to Fleabay but now I have a shiny new 28mm one!

I went for Patrician Romans. Lots of barbarian foot, plus some very warlike heavy horse.

But, you also get quality rough terrain troops and the ultimate troop type, cataphracts. In fact the only troop type that I haven’t yet collected is the legionaries! Yet….

So, just legionaries, Hun and Armenian allies left to collect!