Short and desperate Renaissance army lists

These lists rely heavily on the redoubtable De Bellis Renationis Wargames rules compiled by Phil Barker. They are intended to allow historical games between plausible forces and re-enact actual battles from history. They are vey much work in progress and the Tercio would welcome any comments and/or contributions

Volume One – The Great Italian Wars

1. Italian Condotta 1494 AD- 1553 AD

0-4 Condottiere or Lanze spezzate elmeti: Knights

0-1 Famiglia Duvall elmeti ( Milan): Superior Knights

0-2 Mounted Crossbowmen: Fast Light Horse 

0-1 Mounted arquebusers (Milan): Light Horse

0-2 Militia crossbowmen : Light infantry skirmishers or Light medium infantry 

0-2 Mercenary crossbowmen:  Light infantry skirmishers or Light medium infantry

0-3 Italian Arquebusiers:  Light infantry skirmishers or Light medium infantry

0-1 Mercenary sword and buckler men: fast medium infantry

0-1 Stradiots: Light horse

0-2 Landskneckt pikemen ( Papal or Florence)

0-1 Landskneckt Arquebusiers (Papal or Florence) must accompany the above:  Light infantry skirmishers or Light medium infantry

0-1 Organ guns or hagbuts on stands: inferior artillery ( immobile)

0-1 Bombards: superior artillery 

0-1 Pioneers: Horde 

0-3 Romandiole pikemen ( Papacy 1496 AD to 1503 AD)

0-12 Militia Pikes (Florence after 1506 AD): Inferior Pike  

Italian Condotta or Neopolitans Spanish ally contingent

2. Italian Wars French 1494 AD -1559 AD

0-2 Ordonnance gendarmes : Superior Knights 

Up to one Ordonnance Archer unit per above gendarmes: Fast Knights

0-1 Mounted crossbowmen: Fast light horse

0-4 Aventurier crossbowmen : light infantry skirmishers

0-4 Old Bands of Picardy and Piedmont: Inferior Pikemen

0-2 Artillery batteries- up to half superior

0-4 Switzers-( 1494 AD to 1512 AD. Plus 1522 AD to 1559AD): superior pikemen

0-1 Accompanying Swiss skirmishers: Light infantry

0-1 Italian Elmeti: Knights

0-1 Italian Mounted crossbowmen: Fast light horse

0-1 Stradiots: Light horse

0-1 Argoulets: elite light horse

0-2 Italian Arquebusiers: medium infantry

After 1512 AD

Re-arm Italian mounted crossbows with arquebuses

0-3 Lanquesnet Pikemen

0-1 Lanquesnet Forlorn hope:  Light infantry skirmishers or medium infantry arquebus

0-2 Aventurier or Italian pikemen: inferior pikemen

Venetian allies 1515 AD to 1522 AD

After 1522 AD

Re-arm Argoulets with arquebus- inferior light horse

Re-arm Aventuriers with arquebus- medium infantry

After 1535 AD

Replace Old Bands by Legions- up to two inferior pike units and up to two arquebuser

After 1543 AD

0-1 Foot Arquebusiers mounted on nags- mounted medium infantry

3. Swiss Confederate 1494 AD to 1515 AD

0-1 mounted scouts : crossbow or arquebus armed Light Horse

0-24 Pikemen: superior heavy infantry

Replace up to three of the above with halberders- Fast medium infantry

One per four units of pike- Light infantry

0-1 Light guns: inferior artillery

Between 1500 AD and 1513 AD

0-1 Milanese Famiglia ducale: superior Knights 

4. Neapolitan Spanish 1495 AD -1512 AD

0-2 Spanish gente d’armas: superior Knights

2-8 Jinetes: Light horse

0-2 Sword and buckler men: fast medium infantry

1-6 Spanish crossbowmen: Light infantry

1-3 Spanish Arquebusiers: medium infantry

0-1 field guns

Up to three base widths of ditch and bank.

From 1503 AD

1-2 Italian elmeti: Knights

0-1 Italian Horse Arquebusiers – inferior Light horse

0-3 Italian foot crossbowmen or Arquebusiers: Light infantry skirmishers

Re-arm all crossbowmen as inferior pikemen ( after 1508AD ordinary pikemen)

Only in 1512 AD

Up to three war arts: Fast artillery

Musketeer bodyguard for general!

Papal Allies: use the Italian Condotta list

5. Spanish Imperial 1519 AD- 1558 AD
0-1 Spanish Gente d’armas: superior Knights

0-1 Burgundian men-at-arms wedge

0-2 German men-at-arms wedges

0-1 Italian elmeti: Knights

1-2 Spanish ginetes: Light horse

0-1 Italian horse Arquebusiers : Inferior Light horse

1-2 Landskneckt pikemen

0-1 Landskneckt Arquebusiers:  Light infantry skirmishers or Light medium infantry

0-2 Unregimented Arquebusiers companies :  Light infantry skirmishers 

0-1 Spanish musketeers: superior Light infantry

0-1 “indifferent” Italians : horde

0-1 Field guns: artillery

Up to three ditch and bank

Venetian, German Minor States Catholics or Tudor Englash allies

Only before 1534 AD

0-1 German mounted crossbowmen- superior light horse

Spanish columella foot;

2-6 pikemen with the same number of Arquebusiers. One sword and buckler unit per two pike.

Only after 1534 AD

Replace half to all ginetes with herguletiers: inferior light horse

Tercios: 8 or 16 units of half pike , half Arquebusiers

Only from 1544 AD

German men at arms become mounted pistols with boar spear.