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Bad news from Britcon 2021 but forecast brightening for 2022!

** BHGS Events Update : 2021 ———————————————————— Dear Michael As you have probably already guessed, we will unfortunately not be able to stage an edition of Britcon this year. Even with all of the positive news in recent weeks, and steady progress along the roadmap… Read More

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Welcome to Cardiff Dice Studz

The much vaunted change of name of Cardiff’s leading wargames association went forward with minimal opposition. Despite rumours of a members’ backlash, a few disgruntled Tercio diehards peacefully protested in the car park outside the newly appointed Firestorm Games. A spokesman for the opposition “… Read More

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Wargaming: Grand designs

The stories we tell ourselves are too important to be left to professionals. Who could find fault with Dan Snow’s recent podcast, the ever so nice voice of Woke History? Why not invite along the mysterious Angry Staffofficer to discuss the fate of the U.S.A… Read More

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Wargaming the Spanish Civil War- No Pasarán!

  This week, Spanish Civil War Republicans by Juan de Churchill   The Republican faction, also known as the Loyalist faction, was the side in the Spanish Civil War of 1936 to 1939 that supported the government of the Second Spanish Republic against the Nationalist… Read More

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Rapid Fire Reloaded- The Bridge at Son #2

Part two of a play through of the brand new ruleset; Rapid Fire Reloaded. All photos from the Don McHugh collection. We left our gallant American heroes just hanging on to the village as the Panzerbrigade closes in. Top right of the above photo, you… Read More

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Wargaming the Spanish Civil War with Bolt-action

¡Arriba España!   Inspired by the lovely figures and models from Empress Miniatures I embarked on a new lockdown project of collecting both sides for a Bolt Action Spanish Civil War. So far, the Rebels/Nationalists are now done and dusted and work is progressing on… Read More

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Match Action Rules Summary- Bolt Action Variant

Thanks to all those who have shown such an interest in our Seventeenth century variant. For the most part, we have used the Bolt Action rules as they stand. As is usual with our Tercio, the rules are very much “under development”. My personal thanks… Read More

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Bolt Action Variant : Match Action

This bank holiday I’m in need of a change, but a game that is not too taxing on the old locked-down grey matter. In a desperate attempt to motivate myself into getting my English Civil War painting done, I thought we might try a skirmish… Read More

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Bolt Action A.A.R. Tongues not corpses!

You are given clear orders. They are simple and easy to understand. There is a dire need to find out what the enemy is doing. Find a “tongue” who can tell us the information, bring him back to our lines. Simple…… It’s the New Year… Read More

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The Tercio- “too old and too useless!?”

A wargames army where even the commanding officer has his doubts? An impulsive purchase relights an old love! ” The junior officers, n.c.o.’s and enlisted men were not so suitable. The n.c.o.’s and enlisted men were taken from static batteries on the coast and on… Read More