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Proletarians to horse!

Take some time to scan the image of the red horseman. How the time flies. There was a time that tales of gallant revolutionaries charging across the steppes were my heroes too. Everything about this period seemed to be both heroic and tragic. You had… Read More

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Cardiff Wargames

I wish I was the sort of person who was described by others as “organised”. You can spot these people. They invariably beam with delight as you can’t remember the time or even the day. The “organised” person has charts and sends reminders. Well to… Read More

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Brecourt Manor – An exercise in leadership and initiative for the criminally insane

There can be few television series so memorable as  Band of Brothers. It contains so many stirring examples of leadership and incredible bravery. The actual events at Brecourt Manor had caught the attention of Giac and he devised an excellent scenario. Whereas the actual attackers… Read More