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L’Art de la Guerre V4- Evolution versus revolution

By Dave Lowrie of the Bath Dice Studz

This week has been a joyous one amongst the tribes, ADLG v4 arrived in the first post after the bank holiday! Don Miguel Bin Al Dween, Coronel of the Grand Tercio de Catalunya y Radyr and Lord of the Brecon Rif bade me have the scribes record my thoughts on the silicon tablets.

El Lowrie Kebabi

So, after an evening of logically thumbing through from the back to see how my toys are affected and which new ones I may need, scanning the summary sheet and briefly glancing at the definitions before bed-time, what are they?

First thoughts: the book is bigger but, at 1.03kg kg, lighter than most historic laptops, Jane’s Fighting Ships and similarreference volumes, not unduly so. It’s much lighter than any toolbox of fighting men. The extra space appears to have been used wisely with more army lists but also clarifications of chestnuts such as LMI/MI issues, impact foot versusmounted and combat values are included in the troop definitions as well! Things seem easier to find and understand.


Awake Iron! Almogavars are now medium impact spear! That Lurkio pack will soon need painting for trials. Given the historical issues with their classification this seems a neat solution, a little better against their historic mounted opponents but more exposed to impetuous foot that they didn’t fight. Daylami remain as medium impact swordsmen, who are now a point cheaper, so are better suited to fighting rash Hindu swordsmen. Muslim massed elephants now have armour options rather than elite status, elite is mostly limited to Indian or Indo-Chinese elephants, so they are probably marginally harder to beat but less likely to win (die rolls of 1-2 against in certain combats no longer being a winning score)and adds a subtlety to their fighting Indians. Some lists after about 1400 now get an option of longbowmen as medium sword longbow, which given Madaxeman’s Samurai antics may prove popular for line lengthening and fighting in the spirit of Sir Nigel’s White Company, they’ll be less likely to evaporate on contact. Alas, the Franco-Scots of Buchan & Darnley, who have such splendid heraldry, do not get thisoption so will continue to rely on Swinton’s axe to clobber the English and act as their antidote.

New troop types or abilities appear. Polearms are separated from 2HW: similar to 2HW + spear against mounted but not against foot. This affects a number of medieval and Chinese lists, non Qin Warring States will be less fearsome to foot,Sun Pin will have to work harder against infantry, but cause mounted more pause for thought, as will billmen, which for the troops concerned and their genesis seems fair, hencetroops such as Swabians and footmen at arms are more differentiated and should chop through Leidang/Obudshaer/billmen more easily. Mounted with Impact & ½ bow are introduced, e.g., for Byzantines and Jurchen. This seems the obverse of mixed Sp/Bw as the shooting rather than close combat is downgraded. Some cavalry, generally elite types, can still be impact and bow. The old conundrum of “Aurelian’s clubmen” is addressed by allowing up to ¼ of most Imperial Roman infantry to have 2HW, which fits my recollection of the sources rather than anovel troop type, and Imperial Auxilia can now be HI as well as MI.

Upgraded to strategist? Hurrah!

Readers of Count Bohemund will be pleased that both he and Robert Guiscard can be strategists, as is John of Bedford and many others, but not Hamilcar Barca.  A wider range of strategists and army lists had been trailed in advance.  The Taifas gain independence from Umayyad Cordoba & El Cid appears in enough places and times to make Charlton Heston look pedestrian.  Whilst the Andalusians lose their later knight threat they gain Abd al Rahman as a strategist:  someone who escaped the Abbasids hidden in skirts and entered Spain without an army but conquered it anyway must have had some talent!

List profusion is not overdone: Later Frankish now covers both the “French” and “German” post Carolingian period until the advent of the Feudal French and Germans. There are also more subtle list composition variations that could alter many flavours, e.g., an extra Spanish impact scutari mentally increases the mix to form a Carthaginian flank – Spaniards/Gauls/Africans anyone!? Other small unit number variations could open up whole playing style permutations for several lists by creating credible masses.

More toy army ideas! The Fuhrerin will be pleased!

The Ark of the Covenant makes an entrée (possibly on route to the temple where Indiana Jones found it) along with the Prophet’s tent as sacred camps for the Hebrews and earliest Muslims, these seem to be fortified camps without the fortifications!  Another change that may alter some strategiesis HI marching 3UD, legionaries can motor on roads, so will roads start running up flanks allowing Lucullus and others tooutflank less well led mounted foes?  Other changes may yet be discovered.

Conclusions – I will have to properly read the rules in the middle part of the book, set up some practice games and work out how to play. Tell the world: ADLG is renewed and back in print!

Sanity at last. Garcia’s amigo! See Dave in action on our regular club night at our soon to be opened LGS and HQ Firestorm Games
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Is work getting in the way of your wargaming?

(Credit: Piero Zagami and Michela Nicchiotti)

The world of work is in transition. Are you ready?

The world of work is being struck by waves of change. Some are vast and visible – leaps in machine learning and artificial intelligence or the rise of ‘do anything from anywhere’ technologies. Other ideas are just beginning to emerge – like monitoring content to ensure proper gender balance, or rethinking office design to promote air quality. Behind it all are the people whose ideas and attitudes have the potential to shape the next chapter of our lives. Here are some of the things that may be in store for us!

1. 100-year-lifespan
We’re more likely than ever to live past a century. Whether this becomes a blessing or a curse for society and business depends on how much we can prepare for it. Can you really afford not to buy more wargaming figures when you might be gaming with them for over sixty years?

2. 5G
Self-driving cars, robotics and smart cities, to name a few, will be supercharged through the 5G wireless network. It’s the next step in mobile internet connectivity – and it’s here. Almost. Wargaming on our devices? Everybody is doing it now? Total War on the iPhone is eye straining but better than trying to start a conversation with your fellow passengers!

3. Adaptability quotient
In an ever-changing work environment, ‘AQ’, rather than IQ, might become an increasingly significant marker of success. Painting, researching, gaming, arguing. Wargamers are vestibule AQ experts!

4. Algorithmic justice
More machines than ever can recognise us, but they inadvertently discriminate on race, gender and more. I purposely wear a snorkel and fireman’s helmet when photographed on Facebook; it confuses the algorythum!

5. Anti-distraction apps
For better or worse, the internet is an attention-sapping platform. Perhaps an app that blocks, well, almost everything can help you focus. Or you could listen to audio books whilst painting?

6. Autocomplete
We’re starting to trust AI systems to write our emails for us. Is this time-saving tool changing how we communicate? Or just read the email title and delete anything non- hobby after five o’ clock?

#KuToo: a play on the Japanese words for shoes (“kutsu”) and pain (“kutsū”), with a nod towards #MeToo

7. Automated hiring – and firing
AI can screen your job application – the question is whether it should also be allowed to scan your social media, analyse your facial expressions and even fire you. Does your boss know you are a gamer? Does your wife know you are a gamer? Your laptop history knows what you are really interested in; thankfully it’s toy soldiers!

8. Biohacking
Fasting, micro-dosing, supplements, some go to great lengths to boost productivity – even if the validity of such approaches is unproven. Gamers of course will use any beige food group to combat fatigue!

9. Biometric CVs
Wearable tech that monitors physical performance is booming. Whether there is a place for it in recruitment and performance analysis is debatable.

We use a colour chart. When players turn a dark shade of purple it is time to remove them from the table and place them in a darkened room!

Time to calm down!

10. Breathable offices
Rethinking how buildings are designed, decorated and operated could help benefit our health and even our productivity at work. Showering and deodorant should be but isn’t compulsory at tournaments!

11. Burnout
How the idea that we can work harder and be better at everything is creating an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and anxiety from not meeting these high expectations. Don’t compare yourself to the Facebook painters; rather, to what you painted one month ago!

Alternatively, pair up with a really bad painter and mercilessly ridicule their efforts!

12. Car-free cities
Oslo is the latest city to make its central zone car-free. Though some diehard drivers and business owners have been sceptical, the benefits are substantial. True gamers will carry large boxes on public transport. Please remove offensive icons from airport baggage before entering Germany!

Kommen Sie mit ins!

13. China’s 996
The Chinese version of the grind-it-out work culture that tech workers are beginning to rebel against. Gamers started to rebel when it was nine o’clock until five! Sod the boss, I’m off!

14. Co-living
Millennials are trading traditional housing for cheaper, more flexible shared communities. Is this the future of urban living, or house-sharing, rebranded?

I only want a gaming shed. Never mind shared living, just give me a shed…….

The algorithms behind face-scanning technology are inherently discriminatory – the solution lies in the way we train them

The algorithms behind face-scanning technology are inherently discriminatory – the solution lies in the way we train them. If they are slightly overweight and balding, they are welcome! If they have a goatee too, why then they are doubly welcome!

15. Couple inequality
When a couple has children, women spend disproportionate time at home, and men at the office – it will take effort from many sources to balance the scales.

Let the progressive gamer take note!

16. Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding was meant to be about supporting innovation and people in need. It’s now an important – and controversial – source of income for outspoken social media personalities. How better to fill the garage with the very best new must- haves?

17. Deep work
Always being switched on means we never have the chance to think deeply. That is a problem for companies wanting to get the most out of their employees.with gamers, we usually think too deeply and have no problem whatsoever in forgetting work!

This week’s real work!

18. Degrowth movement
Economic growth is leading to over-consumption and climate change. Degrowth argues that shrinking our economies can have benefits. My degrowth mentor is called a wife!

19. Digitial detoxing
If you’re secretly or not-so secretly worried about your smartphone addiction, fear not. An entire industry has emerged to find ways of helping you disconnect.or just turn the bloody devices off!

20. Digital nomads
As remote working increases, more programmes are putting hefty price tags on luxury, wi-fi-fuelled trips – and gentrifying newly popular tourist spots.

If it’s got a bar, a cafe and some 6×4 tables we are happy! And thank God Firestorm Games is back open!!!

Great to see the “ boys” again!

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Welcome to Cardiff Dice Studz

The much vaunted change of name of Cardiff’s leading wargames association went forward with minimal opposition. Despite rumours of a members’ backlash, a few disgruntled Tercio diehards peacefully protested in the car park outside the newly appointed Firestorm Games.

A scattering of change deniers made their presence felt.

A spokesman for the opposition “ no change’ movement was heard to call out that the change of name was wholly unnecessary after a recent audit had seen membership grow to forty nine members. An un- named club official said that the protest was wholly unwarranted and was due solely to the number of people who failed to join after a single game with the encumbent “yoof ( youth) officer.

A spokesman for the “ I’m not changing” group described the atmosphere at last nights demonstration as “ good natured.”

The move to change the club name to Cardiff Dice Studz was seen as a move by the president for life to consolidate his hold on power. When asked for a comment, President Baldwin gave this terse directive; “We need to lower the average age of the membership to below sixty five. Far too many young prospects have been turned off our association by threats of violence in their introductory games or else seek solace in alcohol after “ anecdotes” from our oldest members!” The move is likely to be unopposed in this Monday’s meeting of the Central Committee.

Long live the Party!

The official logo of the party has caused some consternation after a certain likeness to the Dice Studz gaming club from Canadian documentary series South Park.

It’s not just for boys you know!
Miniatures and board games will be available, all welcome. Ladies and even those who are undecided.
Club nights will happily begin again this week! The President has assured the previous membership that we have nothing to fear but fear itself and no new rules would be forthcoming.A full list of the new update membership ‘clarifications’ will be available this week.

A message from the President;

“I personally can’t wait to embark on this new error ( sic). An ageing membership must be avoided at all costs. Everyone must recognise of becoming a stale Welsh copy of Radio Two wargaming sites.

It is times like these when a man ( or woman, or ginger) must step forward and enact change! We want a new fresh look with fewer dictates by the so called “ majority” Compulsory attendance at club games will start from Friday.

First Cardiff, then the rest of the West Country!
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French paratroopers and the Bhagavad Gita

A hobby with targets? Yuk! However, I’d set those targets and in true Jordan Peterson style, I was going to tidy my bedroom before conquering the world! Within a few days I could actually see the floor!

A tower of plastic, magnificent to behold and there in the foreground, carpet!

Would the reorganisation be without pain? A single cat ensured the transformation would not be painless! I had carefully balanced a four foot wide piece of MDF on top of two smaller plastic boxes. To give rigidity I placed a wicker bin at a forty five degree angle and then rested two Amazon boxes on top of that, for added strength! How was I to know that a cat would see this as the perfect place to practise mountain climbing?

Oh dear!

The results were catastrophic for my renaissance French collection. Not since the battle of Pavia had the French knights looked so battered. Lances and pikes were everywhere but to my amazement it was mostly repairable. As in such cases, as we all do, I reached for my Readers’ Digest edition of the Bhagavad Gita!

Got to love the Old Bhagavad!

“Steadfastly the will

Must toil thereto, till efforts end in ease,

And thought has passed from thinking. “

I’m not sure old Francis the First would have thought about the wise words of the Yogi but the mini disaster spurred me to action. If my renaissance French can withstand a three foot parachute drop then they deserve better. The project this weekend is a new home for these veteran warriors.

So, to all those who are struggling against adversity, I offer you this tale in consolidation. Sometimes fate strikes but it’s then that changes happen. So stage one nearly complete, next world domination!

A survivor beats the drum for Jordan Peterson Room cleaning services!

Join us tomorrow for exciting news concerning Cardiff’s gaming transformation!

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Ulubatli Hasan, Julius Evola and defeat in Afghanistan

Ulubatli Hasan (1428 – May 29, 1453) was a Timarli Sipâhî in the service of Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire who achieved legendary status as a heroic Turkish martyr at the successful Siege of Constantinople.

He was born in a small village called Ulubat (near Karacabey) in the province of Bursa.

At the age of 25 he was present at the Siege of Constantinople (April 6, 1453 – May 29, 1453). The Turks had tried to take the grand city and last stronghold of the Roman Empire several times before, but this time, under the command of Sultan Mehmed II, who was in his early twenties at the time and already showing potential of being a great military leader, it looked like victory was at hand. But despite several assaults and the severe hammering by the cannons, the great double walls of Constantinople held for 53 days.

Ulubatli rides again!

On the early morning of the last day of the siege, May 29, after the morning prayers, the Ottoman military band started to play one of their songs and the city was stormed. Ulubatli Hasan was among the first to climb the walls of Constantinople followed closely by thirty of his friends. He carried only an Ottoman kilij, a small shield and the Ottoman Flag. He climbed the wall, under showers of arrows, stones, spears and bullets. He reached the top and he placed the flag, which he defended until his 12 remaining friends arrived. After that he collapsed with 27 arrows still in his body. Seeing the Ottoman flag inspired the Ottoman troops and kept their spiritsup – and conversely, disheartened the Greek defenders – until finally the Ottomans did conquer Constantinople.

The banner of the Faithful

The sipâhii were the mainstay of the Ottoman army, much more so than the light horse raiders and their more famous rivals, the Janissaries. Ulubatli was an Anatolian sipâhi and master of the horse and bow. Supported by a land grant from the central state, these warriors are a colourful addition to the Ottoman army.

Above, are the European Sipâhi, these may well not be Turks as such. They carry a Balkan style lance in addition to bow and scimitar. My Serbian friends will no doubt take great pleasure in knowing that their ancestors helped the Turkish invasions!

September the 11th and the West withdraws from Afghanistan- what a well chosen date- the fabled attack on the Apple ( Constantinople) and the very in- Islamic murder of three thousand civilians in America’s Big Apple

It’s chilling to see the lack of understanding of current policy makers. The murder of civilians through terrorism had to be ‘justified’ by a twisting of Islam that only dates back perhaps two hundred years. Ulubatli on the walls of Constantinople was indicative of an older pre- Islamic tradition of the divine warrior; merging the Earthy with the Sublime. Human heroes are more worthy of praise than the Gods because when we do something heroic, we know that the consequences for ourselves may be catastrophic.

“The blood of heroes is closer to the Lord than the ink of scholars and the prayers of the pious!”

The earlier Iranian tradition and the Islamic conviction are a potent mix. Evola described the heady mixture,” when all indolence and cowardice are vanquished, and the leap beyond the lives of oneself and others, beyond happiness and misfortune, is driven by a sense of spiritual destiny and a thirst for absolute existence, then one has given birth to a force that will not be able to miss the supreme goal.”

The modern democratic and “ enlightened’ humbled in Basra

Evola is also useful in our understanding of this warrior tradition. In traditional society, the fallen hero is not actually dead, he is ‘present’ as an exemplary force. Is this tradition or code just the preserve of one nation or group? Well, we have seen how the Iranian, Roman , Germanic and Islamic tradition hold so much common ground. The sad loss of Prince Phillip this week has resonated because there is a real feeling abroad that he represented something that we in Britain have lost. Interestingly, the quinticential Englishman, Phillip has Greek and indeed Danish roots. On the streets of Northern Ireland the nation may yet be grateful for a spirit of defiance when Sinn Fein troops from the Republic are called in to the Shankill Road?

Thirty allowed at Phillip’s funeral, thousands attend an I. R. A. funeral???
…..the idea of heroes who really never died, and the idea of victors, who like the Roman Caesar, remain as ‘perpetual victors’ at the centre of a human stock.

Next time someone criticised you for an obsession with toy soldiers, tell them that you are recreating on a tabletop the divine search for everlasting Truth! See how fast they move away from you then!

More wild ramblings next week!

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Wargaming: friendly advice

What state is the front room in my current wife asked? “It may need a little tidying,” I whimpered. “ We could get rid of my daughter’s teddy bears?” I ventured…..

Honestly! Those bears are everywhere!!!!

It’s time to be honest! The Easter reorganisation has not stalled exactly but changed direction. One complete army in one single box was the maxim. Rebase everything that moves was the reality. The rules set of choice, To the Strongest, has morphed to include DBA.

The faithful are leaving me!

It would have been better to stick to the preparation of just one collection, I believe Lenin called it “bending the stick”, putting maximum effort into achieving just one task. Well the old homicidal Russian had this and many other things wrong. How much better to start reorganising absolutely everything, all at once, all in the same small space?

More gems destined for EBay

I know the doubters thought I was being optimistic but the third army ( for March) is nearly done! It may not be the one I started out to finish but a third army nears completion.

The Spanish are going too!

One unexpected benefit has been the number of figures that I don’t actually need anymore. “Need” is a difficult concept to explain to those outside the hobby; sentimental value mixes with long forgotten plans. I went for the plan that the figures must be roughly the same size and/ or manufacturer. The minis may fit another wargames army in terms of time period but are they compatable in design or proportion? Anything which isn’t French and heroic in scale for example is currently on EBay.

Why did I collect twenty light horse?

Most wargamers have a love/ hate relationship with online auctions. We all have heard stories of lots of whole armies bought for pennies. We have all heard of disastrous deals where the seller has been a little ambitious with the propainted label. I’m literally trying to make space for an organised collection; if only my daughter would stop collecting those damn teddy bears!!!!

15mm painted on EBay from yours truly!

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised by the issues raised in this article; either stop buying figures or rent an allotment hidehole and hide your lead pile!

Hope you had a great Easter break!


Oh dear!

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Wargaming: mercenary fighters

The sun rose early and the gang was assembling. The morning matinee started at ten a.m. and seating was limited, seating where we wanted to be anyway. The ideal location was half way up the auditorium; fewer missiles hitting the back of your head but not within range of the manager’s backhand. Once the morning films ended, it was over to Alexandra Park and bird cages to hit with sticks, with dead goldfish to search for in the park fish pools. The steps down to the pier were always good for a race and then the open air pool , far two small for the numbers of lads splashing around in it! Penarth was a good place to grow up but the way home held further delights, the newsagent.

Thousands of them, rank upon rank…

In the newsagent window they stood. Airfix plastics were available but I bought cowboys. My nana bought me Britain’s Deetail but I’d have to go to Cardiff Woolworth’s to get the ultimate: Timpo!

Great poses and Confederates skewered by arrows!

So that’s how the collecting began and also how I learnt to swear, smoke and fight in 1970s Penarth. It was brought home to me, just how I miss those Saturday morning blitzkriegs when I see Saturday mornings consumed by chores and household tasks! But, the obsession with model soldiers continues of course. I loved my days by the sea and the cowboy armies were so much a part of that. The sheriff below was actually bought four times after being lost/ squashed and eaten previously.

I’m currently selling a number of miniatures on EBay but some wargames figures have reached a similar elevated position as those cowboys. Simon Clarke painted these Seljuk Turks over twenty years ago and they are definately never going to be sold. Not the greatest of castings by Gladiator Games, it must be said, but Simon did

a great job on the patterned silks.

Eight bases of Seljuk Turks
Good for the Crusades to the Ottoman assault on Europe
The larger bases allow for cantabrian circles!
I may add some scatter but the ground looks Anatolian to me!

These are the light scouts and raiders of the army, the heavy horse come next. Will I start collecting the old cowboys again? It’s tempting, although they do go for a high price now. Have they been replaced by wargames minis? Well, to some extent the answer is yes but a heavy dose of nostalgia sugar coats those memories.

Classic Crusaders- if I see those ones with the black lift- up visors again, I’m starting to collect again!

With apologies to cinema ushers and park wardens everywhere! And contempt to the swine who turned Penarth cinema into an art gallery!!!!!!!

Happy Easter to one and all!

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Wargames Magazines: A blast from the Past?

With so much changing it was a blessed relief to return to walking into a newsagent and buying a magazine. Now I know one founding member of the Tercio is banned from said establishment but in their defence he has yet to buy a single magazine in nearly forty years of “ perusal.” Perhaps, “ John” ( because that’s his name!) is on to something and the printed media is moribund and soon to be eclipsed.

This month’s copy of Wargames: Soldiers and Strategy is actually an interesting read. Guy Bowers has thankfully omitted mentioning a quote from “ The Art of War” which is unusual and to his credit. The miniatures reviews are extensive and tempting. I do wish they would go the whole Vae Virtus and show painted minis though. Media heavy weight Rick Priestly is always good copy and the theme of Scandinavia is original and well covered. Love Kraknes is responsible for a number of articles and they are of a very high standard. My favourite is of course Michael Leck whose knowledge of Scandinavia and wider wargaming are unsurpassed. So why am I querying print media I hear you ask?

Michael Leck: the man who brought circle bases to Wales!

The term is “ legacy media”, expensive TV studios and expensive print runs. Alongside a straight jacket comes a certain world view. The interviewer or author has to be the next crusading David against the nasty people who may disagree with law breaking , foreign domination and imported crackpot ideas. We’ve moved on. If a police officer is already guilty before the trial, with compensation to the victim’s family, already given, what is the point of following the trial! The dinosaurs follow the story just daring the deplorables to counter the narrative of protester good and authority bad. Well if you don’t like the reporting, don’t watch their “ news” and we haven’t been, in record numbers.

I love my hobby and I will continue to buy magazines. Mercifully few contributors to the hobby have metaphorically taken the knee and described their “privilege” as usually white, middle class and male gamers. Rather, I’ve come to value the micro- hobby of blogs and single person webspaces. I enjoy knowing that Pat in Castlemaine, Australia is experiencing cold weather and Mark Morin is in the USA and running another one of his legendary prize draws. In short, we have rediscovered “ community.”

So, are there pitfalls to a community of internet individuals? Firstly, I steer away from Facebook for mixed motives. Sure it’s great to get “likes” for my latest project but one snotty comment can seriously ruin my day. I’m not exactly a sensitive type but comments have a capacity to linger I’m afraid. We are evolved to be aware to danger, far more than pleasure and social media can be so destructive. Do bloggers end up preaching to the converted or playing for ratings? Well I’d be interested to know your thoughts?

Best wishes

Mike B

The old versus the new but both with flaws: in the above case a murderous love of violence and a heightened Sex drive! ( both to be seen in Cardiff!)
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Easter awakening

Ah Spring has come to Wales! The daffodils are in bloom and the lamas are “gambolling!” ( I don’t know quite why there are lamas in the field behind my house!) After a whole three days back at work after lock- down, it’s time to kick back and enjoy a two week holiday…..

I’d set myself the task of getting organised; all my hobby collection organised in boxes, ready for a return to the hobby battlefields. I’m currently at what I call “ the creative chaos” stage. I did try to stick to a wargames army a month schedule but something happened…

Why not put half finished products in massive boxes!

The Ottomans happened! Or rather, the Ottoman armies were huge! And if they were huge, you “need” hundreds of miniatures. I started rebasing manfully but then I needed artillery! Hammy at Battlefieldgames replied in double quick time but now I wanted the super bombard that did for Constantinople ( drat that Hungarian turncoat Orbat!) . I used up my hordes on the previous two armies so that meant more minis!

Doll’s house carpet and Serbian allies!?

You get the idea! I should have kept it simple, but this month’s army was suffering from mission creep. My painting table now had American Civil War horse soldiers, Germanic knights, mixed in with over a hundred Ottomans!

The inspiration that did for the deadline!

So, no finished army for March but hopefully two for the end of April; Huns and a Union/ Northern Mercenary force for Colt- action. April will see my Ottomans finished, if my bank balance can withstand the pressure!

After many battles Warwick’s archers have gone on sale on eBay!

Yes, any reorganisation leads to pain! Any minis that either weren’t painted by me or are surplus to requirements are being converted into new mini tokens! I quite like the process of selling the toys but I do have to admit to a certain sense of loss. Thank god the lamas are available for counselling! Happy Easter everyone from Despertaferres industries!