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Godendag 2022 sweet inspiration from To the Strongest

What a weekend! We had threats of lockdown, border embargoes, limits on attendees and strictures on eating food! On the day we even had to track down a sixty year old who vaulted a covid safety rail! Such were and are the issues of gaming in 2022! Still we did manage three game systems on the weekend; L’art de la Guerre, Field of Glory and To the Strongest. And, it was this last set of rules that got me thinking about recruiting younger ( i.e. those under thirty) into the hobby. The ideal set for a demonstration game at the forthcoming Firestorm gaming day perhaps?

Visually To the Strongest is a real head turner especially here in 28mm. Dice stud Eddie will soon be trialling a live stream of said system.
Units are easy to handle and big bases protect the minis from rough handling to some extent.
The rules are simple but really exciting. You hit on a 6 when in combat and an 8 when shooting. Everything else is factored into easy to remember saving throws!
The games should last about an hour. The TTS competition managed I think to get four games in on Saturday?
Hopefully we can show that modelling can be a big attraction to our hobby! Above is a samurai camp!
If we had one team member per side we could get four new recruits each game.
No measuring on a grid!
If they ever watched Bruce Forsyth’s “ Play your cards right” then 70s fun is back with a new spin in 2022!
My pick would be to start with the Fall of Rome. We all have minis and the period has a certain dark charm for the Lord of the Rings generation.

Anyway thanks for reading. Please have your comments ready for the February High Council meeting when the Jeffe can decide. More plans discussed on the weekend were a DBA competition in the Summer. Again, a potential good recruiting sergeant? Our thanks to all the TTS players who attended and put on such a brilliant, inspiring display.

L’art de la Guerre results and photo dump this week!
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Wargaming the Madness!

How difficult can organising a wargames competition be? Well, the answer would be,” not too difficult”, were we not in the last week of Covid panic. But we have three tournaments running, the prizes are bought and we are full steam ahead to next Saturday!

Competitors to confirm identity upon arrival!

I was so inspired by last Friday’s game of To the Strongest, I spent Saturday afternoon rebasing my French medieval knights. The knights are the ephemeral Rank and File minis that were available via Foundry many, many years ago. Still, I like them and they now have a new lease of life! Longbowmen to follow!

Into the arrow storm
Shields makes them before 1400 but good for procuring too! A knight is a knight ?
The rest of the host!
I do like these quite slender but detailed minis!
Good old Essex minis make up the men- at- arms or genre d’armas!
Six knights bases and three men at arms.

The list checking for Godendag was finished but for two amendments that I need to follow up. The runners and riders for Godendag 28mm adlg will be my next post. I even had time to work out my own army, Bactrian Greeks. I’m honoured to be borrowing some of Martin’s figures for this competition but not that many it would appear. In my new spirit of “ chipping away” at projects, “ a little but often”, my only task are some Persian style light horse.

Easily finished in five days; Phil Mackie would be proud, painting in the last week before a tourney!

The 2022 life guide is paying dividends! The hobby room floor is looking a lot better! the finished figure count is healthy and a competition weekend is approaching! Life is good( ish) again!

Cardiff Dice Studz specialise in “ necessary” encouragement. Do not read Jessamyn!

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Wargaming greats!

What do you want from your wargame? Sometimes you want an intricate simulation of history and sometimes you need, at the end of the week, a mad- cap free for all and that’s what you get with Simon Miller’s “ To the Strongest”.

Now let’s put our cards on the table here( see what I did there, TrS is not intended to be arcane lore driven rules for the librarian. You play on a grid, in this case for 15mm , which is marked in 10cm boxes. This gets rid of all tedious measuring and angle prevarication. Within ten minutes, it was soldiers on table and we were away.

Some difficulty experienced by mask wearer!

I would be leading the French of 1460 attempting to rest Naples away from the Iberians. I had the best horse in Europe and they would sweep up Fernado’s flank.

The crème de la crème!

However, I was taking a risk with just one other command. The Duc de Suffolk led far two many Franc archers or “ chicken killers” as they were so unkindly called. I had emptied the royal coffers though and purchased the most modern artillery…

The French nearest the camera.

The Neopolitans had feudal knights on their right, mass skirmishing sword and buckler men in the centre, and the mercenary knights on the left. The fraudulent knights also benefited from “ heroes” in the units that enable refills to hit.

The cannon boomed and the Neopolitans surged forward!
My large infantry command were less than impressed, refusing to move before disaster struck…
Boom- the cannons blew up!!!!!!!!!!
The answer was to charge blindly at the Neopolitan horse without support fro either knights or longbow men!!!!!
The King’s followers don’t follow!

The French King smashed through one enemy unit before a bloody big cannonball did for old Charles! Obviously Spanish gunners are better made!!!

A swirling melee ensued as the French knights sought to seek revenge and repute…
A sneaky French flank attack levelled the score!
But, it was the Neopolitan condottiere who stole the day! Over a ridge and through the raw French bows..
The mercenaries went straight through the organ gun batteries and into the French camp. It was all over!

It had been a great two hours. Despite losing, you cannot help but enjoy this system. Simon Miller is “ 75%” finished with the new Renaissance version of his rules and I for one cannot wait! Two months and all my 15mm miniatures will be based for this innovative and exciting rule set.

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Renaissance at Warfare and Roll Call

Bob Medcraft, friend to Cardiff Dice Studz and all round nice guy, is after your thoughts on the following two tournament themes. The rules system is Field of Glory Renaissance.

Warfare Wargames Competition

The options were: –

Option 1 – Wars in North America & Caribbean 1622-1700,
Colonial Spanish,
Colonial Dutch,
Colonial English,
Colonial French,
Eastern Woodland Culture,
Plains Culture,
Pacific North West Culture,
Pueblo Culture,
South Eastern Woodland Culture,
English West Indies Expedition, 

Option 2 – Armies of Asia, Africa and America, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn 1500 – 1644: –  

Muslim Indian, Hindu Indian, Indonesian or Malaccan; Thai, Burmese and Khmer; Vietnamese; Horn of Africa; Hawaiian; Mughal; Aztec; Tlaxcalan, Huaxtec or Otomi; Tarascan; Zapotec or Mixtec; Chinatec; Mayan; Inca; Mapuche or Araucanian; Tupi; Amazonian Forest Tribes; Chichimec; Western Sudanese; Central African; Central Sudanese; West African Forest; Mossi. (European Allies allowed – no more than 4 BG’s)

Option 3 – Last Trumpet of the Elephants, Southern Asia 1650-1698
Minimum of 4 Elephant bases, no more than 16 bases of Superior Battle troops

Vietnamese (May have Khmer allies)
Thai Burmese and Khmer (May have Portuguese allies)
Indonesian or Malaccan (must be an option that has Elephants),(may have Dutch allies if Johor Sultanate)
Hindu Indian (May have Dutch allies if Sinhalese Kingdom)
Muslim Indian

If I do not receive more views by the end of the month a theme will be chosen by Bob!

Roll Call

Tim Porter has asked whether we want a two day competition at Roll Call. Bob reminded him that in the past Roll Call was our 25mm 650 points competition. If you are interested can you let him know either by email or on the Slitherine Forum.


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2022 To the Strongest

It was November when I last ventured near the painting table. After two years of lockdown, I wasn’t feeling the love. Christmas bled into New Year and progress there was none. It was time to go back to basics, and follow my oft tried but never copyrighted “ guide to getting back into doing something constructive.”

The challenge ahead!

I find it helps if you can try and do something. Nothing too big, just so that tomorrow you are not in exactly the same mess that you are today! I started by just seeing what miniatures I had in the trays on the “ to do” list. Literally twenty minutes was the start to the process of recovery!

Don’t overdo it! If twenty minutes is all you can do then you have learned something about the state you are in!

I still wasn’t in the mood to tackle painting but basing is always easier. PVA glue was night two, with each evening after that devoted to highlighting and tufts.

It was working; I went from “ can’t be bothered” to looking forward to the next stage!

By the end of the week, I had some tangible evidence that I was moving forward. Twenty minutes had become forty minutes a night and in total three hour hobbytime had put me in a better place.

Franc archers or the more impolite “ chicken killers”
Some more warlike than others! A suspect case of a self inflicted wound!
French arquebusiers!
Italian firepower!
The premier regiments of the French army started like this “ grande bands”

So it had been a good week and I no longer get a sinking feeling when I enter the hobby room. Your hobby should be uplifting and not another drag. More good news this weekend when the protesters ( rioters) who tore down the Colston statue in Bristol were found “innocent“.

Good job the police were there to see that the innocent could lower the statue down gently!

This now of course means that the Dice Studz protest against communism that occurred on the sixth of January “ now it’s our turn’” commemoration should be re- evaluated by the authorities. Spraying Diet Coke over the International Brigade statue in the Temple of Peace is not a crime. What fate Spain if the Stalinists had won in 36 aided by these dupes? We wait with interest to see how our case develops?

Justice for the Diet Coke two!

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Quo Vadis, Cardiff Dicestudz?

Our chairman for life, Miguel Sanchez de Lorca read out the following speech in answer to the above question at a packed executive meeting of the Central Organising committee.

Covid restrictions reduced numbers initially.

Whither the Dicestudz in 2022?

The current craze for “ democracy” in the organisation is doomed to collapse sooner or later. It has realised the most complete perversion of every rational order of events.

There is no longer breath, nor liberty, nor light in the realm of gold, of the machine, of number. The Dicestudz have lost the meaning of command and obedience. We have lost the meaning of action and contemplation. We have lost the meaning of hierarchy, of spiritual power , of man-gods.

The opening speech was well received ( in the main)

We wanted to create here in Cardiff, a splendid cosmos in which men move freely as if in a “ kingdom within a kingdom.” The superb solar reality of club nights has degenerated into squabbles about who paid for the tables and who would buy the hot chocolate at two pounds seventy per cup? The blood, life and power of our movement has been replaced by members who actually read rules books and measure “ accurately”.

Not all members were happy at the mention of “ ambitious” measuring on the tabletop!

Rather, the club has been concerned with sentimentality and humanitarian contamination. Yes, comments about Christmas weight gain are not really welcome at meetings but if it wasn’t weight, it would be body odour or Homer Simpson t- shirt wearing! Valhalla is the privilege of heroes fallen on the battlefield. Crying in the admittedly well appointed toilets at the club Christmas jihad is not the behaviour of a true Dicestud.

A few left at this point in the speech. Order was restored with a minimum of disruption.

The tendency to mistake “ bigness for greatness” was noted by Viscount James Brice. We remain small in number but we remain resolute in being selective. There is a joy, peurile it maybe, in feeling oneself superior to others. A man who is truly great, naturally and internally, will find a home in our organisation. We shall always be a minority but quality, and never quantity, is our maxim! I look forward to yet another year as Jeffe of the Cardiff section of the Dicestudz!”

A standing ovation was held ( momentarily)

Happy new year !!!!!!

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Merry Yule from the Dice Studz

Would days of food induced television stupor be suitable for the typical member of Cardiff Dice Studz? The answer is of course a definate “no!” Rather, we follow the ideal of “Einherjar”; to fight all day, feast all night and live forever! Are we right to follow the ancient Northmen?

History is on our side!

Nevermind the Greek Saint Nicolai, it’s Odin who lay down the foundations of our modern day pale imitations. Odin, Norse god of wisdom, poetry and, of course, war. Forget Santa and the nasally challenged Rudolph, Odin crossed the skies on his eight legged steed Sleipnir.

“Here, at the beginning of the Santa Claus legend, we find a figure who unabashedly embodies the kingly qualities of generosity and martial valor. A monarch, beloved of his people, the gift-bearing Odin is an undoubted paragon of traditional virtue — far removed from the heroes of our pacifistic, cowardly, miserly, neo-puritanical world, and a far cry from the overweight, innocuous Santa Claus depicted in contemporary advertising. “

William de Vere

Now, that’s more like it!

Nevertheless, these essential traits never really went away, they were merely subsumed by mass culture. Like those members of the public who cross the Dice Studz’ path in Macdonalds or Greggs, it was dangerous to come across Odin and the Wild Hunt. You could be swept away or cursed, and Odin treated onlookers badly too!

Odin dropped gifts as he rode, at the foot of his sacred pine. I found two books, a diary, some socks and six pens. Odin wore a long blue, hooded cloak to observe the folk around their fireside to see if they needed any help. I always feel somewhat abashed when meeting beggars in the street. My advice on “ poor life choices” is seldom well received…

The children of old filled their boots with straw and carrots for Sleipnir. Odin relayed them with gifts in return. My own children cleared two sacks of gifts in seconds and my reward was the set up instructions for a laptop.

Merry Christmas!

To all gentlemen and players who we have encountered this year, I wish you a happy Christmas and a brilliant new year! Nevermind goodwill to all men, let’s roll like the old days!

My calendar arrived!

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Last night, another soldier….


Cities and Thrones and Powers
Stand in Time's eye,
Almost as long as flowers,
Which daily die.
But, as new buds put forth
To glad new men,
Out of the spent and unconsidered Earth
The Cities rise again.

This season's Daffodil,
She never hears
What change, what chance, what chill,
Cut down last year's:
But with bold countenance,
And knowledge small,
Esteems her seven days' continuance
To be perpetual.

So Time that is o'er-kind
To all that be,
Ordains us e'en as blind,
As bold as she:
That in our very death,
And burial sure,
Shadow to shadow, well persuaded, saith,
'See how our works endure!’


It is with a heavy heart that we hear the news that a much loved pal has passed away. Martin was a great character and brought merriment to many gaming tables over the years. We will all miss him very much.


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Virtus 2021: The Masked Ball

It was a nerve wracking two weeks but our Christmas tournament survived the latest Covid clamp down regulations. Ten brave souls braved the moronicron variant to manfully celebrate the birth of our saviour with toy soldier warfare!

Why not follow the Chinese model of crisis management?

One hundred points under the L’art de la Guerre rules gives the player between ten and eighteen manoeuvre units. Played on a four foot square table, that’s just enough time and space to give a tactically challenging game plying out in about an hour and a half. The beauty of the short playtime is of course that the players get to play four games during the course of a day.

Players came from as far a way as Portishead to compete! Here two youngsters turn their backs on gangs and drug misuse to meet on the green baise!
Edward checks if he is on Santa’s naughty list?
Keith’s garlanded lions defying his opponent to approach!
Meanwhile Mark’s baggage guards appear to have forgotten their bras- welcoming their opponent to approach!
Young Keith McGlynn shares a wet country anecdote as his opponent slides gently under the table…..
Mark Fry’s Samaritan allies provide an unpredictable edge to the Parthian kettlemen.
Quin Chinese from the “ warring state” himself, Christopher Jackson ( no relation)
Mark Clarke’s Spanish allies!
Mark Clarke’s glorious legion! A joy to behold!
The clash of titans! Don McHugh faces the boy wonder Andy Unwin! Camels versus chariots!
Andy’s two wheeled dealers of death. An early version of Keith’s transport?
Fry and Whitby size each other up!
Cataphract camels painted by Jimmy! Who would stoop so low!?
Feel the tension!
Battle of the Barbs: Mike Shephards Gauls thump Edward’s Goths!
Chinese versus the Republic!
Andrew’s Persians face off against Iranians!
Elves face off against Keith. The prize is for first general killed in battle!
Ah the swirl of melee in miniature!
Parthians head East!

Four games down and the day had passed so quickly! Three players were in contention at the end of round three but the climactic face off between Richard and Andrew was over in minutes!

Our first “ winner” : losing an average of 95% of his army in each and every game! Virtus at its best( and one percent more than Chris )
The best painter award; Mark Clarke
Everybody’s favourite opponent Mark Fry: the sportsmanship award!
The emotion of the moment meant that Andrew failed to rise for the occasion: three wins but robbed at the last minute…
Second place for Richard Walker: always a smile and the generosity of spirit for which he has become a byword in East Brom
The ultimate victor; possessor of manly virtue indeed! Andy Unwin!

Thanks to all and sundry for making the event such a fun day! We are back hopefully in January for the Godendag weekender and adlg 100s in Easter. Join us if you can; have a wonderful Christmas and new year. I‘m off to pack more presents….

Happy Christmas to all!
I think these two are still there!

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Virtus 2021 : oh it’s on!

Dear all,

After a lot of nail biting , I can confirm that we are just 48 hours away from our annual Welsh Christmas get together!
I doubt If any bloody minister or assembly member would dare to alter the regs in the meantime! Even Andy Unwin would dare submit new list changes with just 48 hours to go!!!!???

I look forward to seeing you all bright and warlike at 10am! The plan is for games to last an hour and a half but we can play it by ear on the Saturday!
The armies are below; we will be running a completely random draw!

virtus 2021 R and R

Don McHugh: Axum
Chris JacksonWarring states
Mark Clarke republican roman
Andrew Unwin egyptian chariot park
Keith Mcglynn parthians
Richard Walker: Etruscans ffs!
Mark Fry: More Parthians
Mike Shepherd: Gallic
Edward Ashley Glew: visigoths
Andrew WhitbyPersians

Food should be available all day( again covid rules allowing!!!! Ffs).

Have a safe journey down and I very much look forward to seeing you all on the day!!!!!

Best wishes

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Garcias Amigo!

To the victor, the spoils!