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I love being off work! Am I ready to retire ? Yes. Are my finances ready for me to retire? God, no! There’s a lot to be said though for doing what you like doing! Don’t worry this is not one of those blogs that… Read More

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Caput Porci- Unlikely Allies

Our short L’art de la Guerre wargames campaign draws to a close with the climatic battle outside of Milan. The Eastern Roman army stood victorious on the Po and the West’s forces are sadly depleted. But, the scavaging barbarians are more than eager to enter… Read More

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Ottoman Renaissance

The rise of the Ottoman Empire has long held a fascination with me. From obscure and unlikely beginnings, the family of Osman fought its way to dominate the Middle East and threaten Christendom itself. My keen readership will be aware that the early Ottoman army… Read More

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Rebels and Patriots- the shape of things to come!

I’m always envious of those people who can multi-task. You know the sort of person who puts us all to shame by chasing promotion at work, whilst restoring a house and carrying on an affair! Well I can’t I’m afraid. The last week has been… Read More

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Despertaferres! The shape of things to come!

I hate to say it but the annual greatest weekend in the Welsh wargaming calendar left me wiped out! I actually played in the L’art de la Guerre doubles with Mark Fry, and we didn’t came last! The old stalwarts of DBM had a great… Read More

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Pandemic Fall of Rome – A perfect storm!

Caesar’s double bed is warm As an unimportant clerk Writes “I do not like my work” On a pink official form The Fall of Rome has been blamed on many factors. Auden may have blamed creeping bureaucracy whilst others look to the ¬†class struggle or… Read More