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Lasalle: my very own Spanish ulcer!

We don’t follow fashions in Cardiff. If a new version of a wargames rule set comes out, a certain percentage of players relish the fact that they will not move with the flock! One such stalwart of conservatism is Colin. He has been collecting Napoleonics… Read More

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Wargaming Liebertwolkwitz! Prelude to Leipzig

This cavalry battle opened the Battle of Leipzig and was the largest cavalry battle in European history. It took place South of Leipzig between the French forces of Marshal Murat which included the Corps of Prince Poniatowski, Victor, Lauriston and Kellerman, against Pajol’s cavalry and… Read More

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Partizan Press-  Universal Wargames supplements

Colin Flaherty is a prolific and respected author of Napoleonic subjects and especially the Ottoman Turks, but today I want to draw your attention to three of his books from Partizan Press. The three are in a series called Universal Wargames Rules Supplements and although… Read More

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Fast play American Civil War Rules- Firepower

Editor’s note: We were all set. Blucher and its Chamberlain variant for the largest battles, and Bolt- action variant “Colt- action” for 28mm skirmishes. But Uncle Ken is from a different school, steeped in history and a dewey eye when he sees old school rank… Read More

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Murphy’s Law of (tabletop) Combat

It was my great grandmother who always used to say, “better to have a seven hundred dollar assault rifle with two thousand three hundred dollars of ammunition than a three thousand dollar assault rifle.” Well grandma has gone to that big militia camp in the… Read More

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Bailén 1808 with Blücher

Wargamers are never happy. We have an excellent set of wargames rules in the shape of Blücher but competition gamers find fault with the lists. The new kid on the block, Bataille Empire has excellent lists but the orders system is beyond me. Commands and… Read More

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6mm. Napoleonics “Quick as a Flash!”

What follows is the legendary brush maestro Steve Timjin’s guide to getting amazing results for these micro minis. Steve never fails to impress the Tercio with both the speed and quality of his output. So this time it’s over to our guest writer to lead… Read More

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Christmas Thoughts

I know we should be thinking of peace on earth and goodwill to all men but we are wargamers there is new set of Napoleonic wargames rules out, Bataille Empire by the redoubtable Herve, and plans are afoot. Just as I was contemplating getting rid… Read More

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Rebels and Patriots- Time changes everything, and nothing!

Saturday mornings forty years ago, off to the cinema with the boys from the flats. More fun was to be had throwing coins at the safety curtain that preceded the film, and hearing all the new swear words that the commissioner directed toward the missile… Read More

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I love being off work! Am I ready to retire ? Yes. Are my finances ready for me to retire? God, no! There’s a lot to be said though for doing what you like doing! Don’t worry this is not one of those blogs that… Read More