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Marengo 1800

Are you old enough to start collecting Napoleonic wargames miniatures? There must surely come a time in one’s life when you have no interest in reading romances or Scandinavian murder mysteries. Not for you pre-pubescent Wizards, you need only concern yourself with the campaigns of… Read More

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Hussars de la Morte

IiIicPainting Napoleonic uniforms deters many would-be collectors of miniatures. Can the Despertaferres spraycan and washes ™ method deal with those darlings of any Napoleonic army, the hussars? Well, see what you think….. The Wargames Foundry, Mark Coppelstone, Seven Years Wars figures are superb miniatures and… Read More

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Flats Standard

Why do grown men enjoy painting and gaming with toy soldiers? Surely one of the great attractions is to recreate, in an admittedly modest way, the great moments of history. How many non-gamers have actually heard of Bonaparte’s crossing of the Alps before sweeping away… Read More

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All roads lead to Paris

Some wargamers need to control elite forces that slice through all toy opposition. Some wargamers need to attack the opposing toy army in order to show their “manliness”. But when you need to recreate the chaos and confusion of a desperate defence, you need Chris… Read More

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Blucher week two- la misere y a autorise l’indiscipline!

“Misery gave way to indiscipline” Well it’s the second week of my new favourite army, Napoleon’s Armee d’Italie. I think it was my wargaming sensei Rob James who gently told me that I did not have enough years to collect and paint a Napoleonic wargames… Read More

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Blucher: it will be all over by Christmas!

I’ve been most impressed by the new breed of wargamer. This hurts me to say this. If you peruse the Beasts of War site, Breakthrough assault, or any such worthies you find earnest young men knocking off projects in weeks, days sometimes….. Well the Despertaferres… Read More

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Blucher – Blue on Blue

After having some reservations about Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet last week, today’s offering from Sam ticked all the boxes. Previously we had played Blucher with  cards. Older readers may well remember Principles of War. I thought the pre-battle movement “screens” were a novel approach to the… Read More