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Weekly totals seem a long time ago now. Amongst the greatest gifts to wargaming man must surely be the day-light bulb! Mrs. Ferres has been bingeing  on the Crown and I have adopted Republicanism in order to gain more valuable painting time. It is at… Read More

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Bolt Action Additions

” A shot disturbs the eerie silence of a deserted city street, punctuated by the frantic footfalls of men seeking cover…..” If you are not familiar with the above lines then where have you been? Squad Leader was my introduction to the mad, sad world… Read More

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My kingdom for a horse…….

I blame Mark Fry for what follows. In he comes with several thousand pounds worth of mounted knight miniatures. “Why don’t you dismount your Knights”, sneered the elfin Andy D’unwin? “Cos, I ain’t got none” was my poor reposte. But I did, twenty years ago… Read More

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Richmond or Bust!

I love the Christmas holidays! Learning to walk again after three days of inactivity was a chore but necessary. Mr Lane was hosting his legendary Yuletide game and I wasn’t going to miss that. We played a factional encounter with my Union troops trying to… Read More