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Late Deliveries….

  This parcel of miniatures was delivered to me at least ten years ago. The doorbell rang one wind swept dark rainy night, it was August I think, and a lady representative gave me the video box. I believe the miniatures won awards for their… Read More

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Devizes 2017 Post Script

Sometimes everything just goes right! My last game at the Devizes L’art de la Guerre competition was against his highness Mr Unwin and his Saxon/Viking host. Look closely at how Mr Unwin relies surreptitiously on the cabal of Richard and Mark “Morrissey” Clarke. Despite the… Read More

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Attack 2017 The Art of War

My regular reader will know that competition time means nervous energy throughout the house. Will the army be ready? Have I packed all my stuff? Have I fed the cats? Have I left food out for the children!? Will my opponents be happy, amiable characters… Read More

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Disunited Kingdom

After a huge mailbag😳 this week, I have been asked to give a quick run-through of elementary mistakes made by younger players. So, here we have the top ten errors…….. . Firstly, choose an army that can deal with a range of different opponents. I… Read More