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Stupor Mundi 2022: General assembly

Stop press: The results of Stupor Mundi: 28mm adlg Feudal 100 points: decided on number of wins and then percentage losses🙀 First Richard Walker😷 Wonder of the World ( well Cardiff)Second Mike Ferres🤡Third Don McHugh🧛🏾‍♀️Fourth Mark Clarke🧙🏽‍♂️Fifth Andrew Whitby🤮Sixth Edward Ashley Glew😾Seventh Mark Fry😿Best new… Read More

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Wargaming: small or far away?

If you haven’t watched the television show Father Ted then where have you been? Just yesterday, I was reminded of the scene where the Father is explaining perspective to Donald. As my family sat on the beach, a group of horse riders passed by on… Read More

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Wargaming: Hungary for success!?

How lucky the British are to be surrounded by sea! Less happy people have no rivers or mountains to mark their borders. It was only the Lviv ( latest incarnation) sign writers who benefitted from the twentieth century incessant changes of ownership. It was our… Read More

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Spring wargaming!

Ten days of Covid enforced inactivity hasn’t been kind! The long gone lock down plans are now a thing of the past. Massively over paid Libtards are baying for blood on the TV. Bloodletting is good, nationalism is now good and the massive spending spree… Read More

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Stupor Mundi: L’art de la Guerre 100s—28mm-lart-de-la-guerre-cardiff 24th April at Firestorm Games, Cardiff and we are back together joined in tabletop combat! The period is the early medieval era of clashing knights, rapacious barons and nervous maidens. “ The wonder of the world” was of course Frederick II, King of Sicily… Read More

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When wargaming gets serious

“In unguarded comments to British troops, Wallace boasted that his old regiment the Scots Guards had ‘kicked the backside’ of Tsar Nicholas I in 1853, adding: ‘we can always do it again.’ Except they cannot. In 2021, the Scots Guards were the most critically undermanned… Read More