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Virtus 2017- Older and Wiser

Well it finished in a blizzard, not of flashing cameras and police truncheons but in snow. The grizzled veterans returned to their respective homes and institutions, and forests, stronger and wiser men. Gone were the veiled threats of violence and demands for dice to be… Read More

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Virtus Reality 2017

Virtus 2017 -just four more days😁 . Was it possible to get all of the West’s biggest names into one former furniture warehouse? Could more than three Cardiff players occupy the same table space without arguments about questionable parentage? Well, take your hat, add some… Read More

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Troll-call, Imperial Eagles

KLast week’s conversation at Tercio Towers revolved around Virtual Reality and the future of tabletop gaming. I have to admit to my reservations as to whether you and I will be collecting, painting and playing with miniatures. My greatest shock was to see the “augmented… Read More