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Troll-call, Imperial Eagles

KLast week’s conversation at Tercio Towers revolved around Virtual Reality and the future of tabletop gaming. I have to admit to my reservations as to whether you and I will be collecting, painting and playing with miniatures. My greatest shock was to see the “augmented… Read More

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Starting Over

Getting back into routine after the Summer has been hard. So many demands on our time and sometimes hobbies have to get pushed to the back of the to-do queue. It’s half way through September and I have a bit of a backlog. Don’t fret… Read More

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Late Deliveries….

  This parcel of miniatures was delivered to me at least ten years ago. The doorbell rang one wind swept dark rainy night, it was August I think, and a lady representative gave me the video box. I believe the miniatures won awards for their… Read More