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Cerignola 1503 

When  you are recreating Cannae, Agincourt or the Somme, in order to get semblance of what happened, you need an opponent who will be so obliging as to charge blindingly forward. Mr C Jackson is such a man…… However, on seeing wall to wall entrenchments… Read More

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Reading Matters

It may not have escaped your notice that the big tech corporations don’t just want your money, they want you to know that they have a social conscience. They want to be ‘disruptors’, organisations that want to upset the established order and bring about “progress”.… Read More

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Sharpe Practice two- loose files and American scramble

It must be nearly forty years ago that I bought my first miniatures for the American War of Independence. The railway line from Caerphilly took me to Llanishen in Cardiff’s suburbs, and there was that rarest and most beautiful of things, a model shop. And… Read More

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Marengo 1800

Are you old enough to start collecting Napoleonic wargames miniatures? There must surely come a time in one’s life when you have no interest in reading romances or Scandinavian murder mysteries. Not for you pre-pubescent Wizards, you need only concern yourself with the campaigns of… Read More

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Mother’s Day- the case for the defence!

In my last article, we discussed the maximum price we could or should pay for our miniature obsession. The result of such deliberation was of course the ten pound rule- when one considers the use to which we put our miniature heroes, that seems about… Read More

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The Perfect Ten

Your significant other may need to be shielded from what follows! Not because of the brilliance of Bartek’s artwork but due to the subject of finances. My daughter’s Marxist Leninist boyfriend was scoffing at the “one percent”, those evil patriarchs who control the world’s economic… Read More