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Welcome to Cardiff Dice Studz

The much vaunted change of name of Cardiff’s leading wargames association went forward with minimal opposition. Despite rumours of a members’ backlash, a few disgruntled Tercio diehards peacefully protested in the car park outside the newly appointed Firestorm Games. A spokesman for the opposition “… Read More

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Easter awakening

Ah Spring has come to Wales! The daffodils are in bloom and the lamas are “gambolling!” ( I don’t know quite why there are lamas in the field behind my house!) After a whole three days back at work after lock- down, it’s time to… Read More

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Murphy’s Law of (tabletop) Combat

It was my great grandmother who always used to say, “better to have a seven hundred dollar assault rifle with two thousand three hundred dollars of ammunition than a three thousand dollar assault rifle.” Well grandma has gone to that big militia camp in the… Read More

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Wargaming- Creative Industry

A recent traveller to Istanbul was horrified by a terrible vision of the future. Endless, sprawling suburbs full of people who were neither poor nor rich, just consuming in their isolation, just allowed to be consumers and play computer games. I very much hope this… Read More

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Match Action Rules Summary- Bolt Action Variant

Thanks to all those who have shown such an interest in our Seventeenth century variant. For the most part, we have used the Bolt Action rules as they stand. As is usual with our Tercio, the rules are very much “under development”. My personal thanks… Read More

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Bolt Action Variant : Match Action

This bank holiday I’m in need of a change, but a game that is not too taxing on the old locked-down grey matter. In a desperate attempt to motivate myself into getting my English Civil War painting done, I thought we might try a skirmish… Read More

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Joe Wicks workout for wargamers

Home alone with the children? What an opportunity for hobby time but you may have children to look after. Tried using the garage as a gym? Forget it, too crammed with next year’s projects. Tried going for a walk- really? Sharing the footpath with nefarious… Read More

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Marston Moor at Bristol Independent Gaming

What better way to round off a pretty topsy-turvey year with the biggest game I’ve ever played in. Ten players, thirty two foot wide table and a whole day of gaming. Big Don had done all the legwork, building on the work of David Burrows… Read More

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Commands and Colors : the Miniatures Game

We all have our own conception of what would constitute the ultimate wargame. Mine would combine the excitement of Total War, the computer game,  with the collectibility of De Bellis Antiquitatis. It would have to avoid too many charts and tables, and end after an… Read More