How it starts ……. and finishes!

O.K. the text comes through from number one “friend of the lead” Mr James, enquiring if I have seen that Warlord Games are shortly to produce Jannisaries.  Just a throwaway line between pals, but to the true wargame addict this is where it starts. The image is already in one’s mind, like some modern day Toad of Toad Hall having glimpsed a motorcar.

Now, I already have an army of 15mm Ottomans, but the Jannisaries are by Paul Hicks. If you haven’t heard of Mr. Hicks then I suggest you search for loan companies offering new year deals then introduce yourself to grown up wargame mini collecting. He is without doubt my favourite sculptor, for sheer attractiveness and quality of ideas, he is without equal in my humble opinion.

So , back to the plot. Warlord have just aquired Pro Gloria Miniatures, and the immaculate sculpts of said Mr.Hicks, with the promise of a whole expanded range of Italian Wars loveliness to come! Now, I have also already got 15mm Italian Wars armies but the lure of 28mm can’t be resisted. I text Mr James that Ottomans versus imperials it is. But, when searching Google my gaze falls on Bohemian miniatures and Mr Hicks has been busy in Eastern Europe, sculpting horseman for the Thirty Years War and I really need those for my ECW King’s bodyguard!

image How it ends…………………


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