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Wargaming World War in 2D

In a bid to support my local gaming store, I felt it my civic duty to purchase fifty pounds worth of goods. Amongst the haul was, of course a number of Contrast Paints from GW but also this intriguing little package…… For just over ten… Read More

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Rapid Fire Reloaded- The Bridge at Son #2

Part two of a play through of the brand new ruleset; Rapid Fire Reloaded. All photos from the Don McHugh collection. We left our gallant American heroes just hanging on to the village as the Panzerbrigade closes in. Top right of the above photo, you… Read More

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Rapid Fire Reloaded- The Bridge at Son

Don McHugh has been very secretive of late and today we can reveal the fruit of his labours. Famous for the quality of his models and terrain, he has surpassed himself with this game from the much anticipated Rapid Fire Uploaded. The new rules are… Read More

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Flames of War- America’s Rottweilers versus the Sitzkrieg!

My regular reader will know I have limited my model buying to one a month. It’s a start to avoid making an appearance on Hoarders. Now that’s one diecasts a month and last month’s Elefant should really count as two. Anyhow, there was a time,… Read More

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The Tercio- “too old and too useless!?”

A wargames army where even the commanding officer has his doubts? An impulsive purchase relights an old love! ” The junior officers, n.c.o.’s and enlisted men were not so suitable. The n.c.o.’s and enlisted men were taken from static batteries on the coast and on… Read More