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L’Art de la Guerre V4- Evolution versus revolution

By Dave Lowrie of the Bath Dice Studz This week has been a joyous one amongst the tribes, ADLG v4 arrived in the first post after the bank holiday! Don Miguel Bin Al Dween, Coronel of the Grand Tercio de Catalunya y Radyr and Lord… Read More

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Easter awakening

Ah Spring has come to Wales! The daffodils are in bloom and the lamas are “gambolling!” ( I don’t know quite why there are lamas in the field behind my house!) After a whole three days back at work after lock- down, it’s time to… Read More

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Blue Monday? Wargaming has the answer!

Well it’s officially the most depressing day of the year! It’s too far from New Year to remember and it’s too long until Easter to wait. As the Western World is grinding to a halt and the search for meaning in life continues unabated…. Some… Read More

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WofUN 2D Warriors- clunk, click every slip!

It’s not very often that I don’t post on my blog. The virus panicdemic has finally laid the family low. I’ve been shielding at home, my niece has been hospitalised and the boys haven’t done more than ten straight days in school. Christmas is down… Read More

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Wargames miniatures – a blast from the past!

My regular reader will know that I’m into painting miniatures fast these days. My desk was tidy. It was tidy and ready to start speed painting my Late Romans. But, and there is always a ‘but’, I needed to make ready for the next task… Read More

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Wargames miniatures- how much longer?

‪“… every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”‬ ‪George Orwell, 1984‬… Read More

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Wargames miniature painting- Disaster on the Aventine

They do say that it’s better not to compare yourself with others. Rather, compare yourself to how you were last week, last month or last year even. I’ve been painting figures for best part of forty years and I had fallen in love with Aventine… Read More

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Murphy’s Law of (tabletop) Combat

It was my great grandmother who always used to say, “better to have a seven hundred dollar assault rifle with two thousand three hundred dollars of ammunition than a three thousand dollar assault rifle.” Well grandma has gone to that big militia camp in the… Read More

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Wargames armies- seeing the elephant!

Designed to spread havoc and break up solid formations of troops, the war-elephant has a special place amongst wargamers. You simply haven’t lived until your  proto tank hasn’t turned on your own troops in a fit of rage in its final throes. If you haven’t… Read More

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Kings of War- Iron resolve versus inspirational leadership!

The weeks after our annual Godendag bash have been busy with hobby related matters but significantly few games! This hobby of ours does tend to send us off on tangents and the much lamented side- projects. So in no particular order I thought I’d write… Read More