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Welcome to Cardiff Dice Studz

The much vaunted change of name of Cardiff’s leading wargames association went forward with minimal opposition. Despite rumours of a members’ backlash, a few disgruntled Tercio diehards peacefully protested in the car park outside the newly appointed Firestorm Games. A spokesman for the opposition “… Read More

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French paratroopers and the Bhagavad Gita

A hobby with targets? Yuk! However, I’d set those targets and in true Jordan Peterson style, I was going to tidy my bedroom before conquering the world! Within a few days I could actually see the floor! Would the reorganisation be without pain? A single… Read More

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Wargaming: friendly advice

What state is the front room in my current wife asked? “It may need a little tidying,” I whimpered. “ We could get rid of my daughter’s teddy bears?” I ventured….. It’s time to be honest! The Easter reorganisation has not stalled exactly but changed… Read More

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Easter awakening

Ah Spring has come to Wales! The daffodils are in bloom and the lamas are “gambolling!” ( I don’t know quite why there are lamas in the field behind my house!) After a whole three days back at work after lock- down, it’s time to… Read More

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Wargaming mini dramas

I look with fear that the new Pulp Figures 1066 range will include minis in “tight formation”. Just as the Tercio is switching to diorama basing, the punter is offered neat ranks. My new Romans are so anxious to get into the fight that they… Read More

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In search of Hannibal, Chris Edwin Steininger and Lindybeige!

Now for some good news! My absolute favourite graphic artist, Chris Steininger is “seventy percent through” completing the artwork for the much anticipated ” In Search of Hannibal” graphic novel. If you haven’t come across Chris Steininger’s work. Then go immediately to YouTube and prepare… Read More

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Blue Monday? Wargaming has the answer!

Well it’s officially the most depressing day of the year! It’s too far from New Year to remember and it’s too long until Easter to wait. As the Western World is grinding to a halt and the search for meaning in life continues unabated…. Some… Read More

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Wargaming: Grand designs

The stories we tell ourselves are too important to be left to professionals. Who could find fault with Dan Snow’s recent podcast, the ever so nice voice of Woke History? Why not invite along the mysterious Angry Staffofficer to discuss the fate of the U.S.A… Read More

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Wargaming: New year revolution

What a year it’s been! Fires, disease, riots and clampdowns. Inspired by Meghan and Prince Harry, it’s time to build better. If the royal couple can leave the country to find privacy, then should we too must seek a quieter, gentler world? Thankfully by signing… Read More

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Wargames treasure; hidden in plain sight

In a cigar box in an Aberdeen museum lay a few pieces of old wood. This week, a keen archivist realised the importance of these few shards. The wood was cedar wood and put together they made that most humdrum of items, a ruler. Long… Read More