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Trojan Horses and Muslim Camel/Elephants

Three and a half thousand years old, and a little over an inch and a half in length, the Pylos Combat Agate has stunned historians. In an age without microscopes and precision tools, it shows a detailed understanding of the human body and movement that… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre- Learning Curve

Life isn’t a single win at all costs game. Rather, it is a whole series of linked games where it really does matter how one played the game. The trick of winning is therefore to learn from your mistakes. You need to want to win… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre- Brief Encounters

Now that corderoy trousers and tank tops have peaked, the latest trend in the Berk-ley Vale fens is L’art de la Guerre 120 points. Slimbridge was the venue and a motley crew of veterans had assembled. The rules are a free download from the official… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre- The Republic strikes back!

This week’s epistle was nearly called “friends reunited”. I’d painted Dave’s Punic Wars collection  a good twenty years ago. A massive collection of Essex miniatures, Tin Soldier and Freikorps, all enclosed in a very 1990s red toolbox. The figures were veterans of many games on… Read More

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Society of Ancients Batteday 2018: Paraetacene 317B.C.

Our roving reporter, Mark Fry elucidates…….😳 1).The Antigonid line left to right – that is some Phalanx! With Rodger, the games organiser studying his Armati measuring sticks.   Saturday 7th April saw the Sycamore Hall in Bletchley crowded with the great and the good of… Read More

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Tibetan (K)nights

The Swansea earthquake and catastrophic snow drifts may have deterred some of the Tercio from gaming but not the Titan of Accountancy, Dave ‘the cataphract’ Lowrie. Despite the usual five or six cars blocking the Bridge into Wales, despite this massive pile-up of pleasure seekers… Read More

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The Battle of Kosovo – The tale of Murad and the stolen apple

Full twelve thousand men he mustered. Out before them came the sultan: “Listen to me, oh my children! If you’ve any qualms at dying, If you here regret your coming, To your homes you may return now!” “Father, we’ve no qualms at dying, For we… Read More