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Godendag 2019 – 19th and 20th January, Firestorm Games.

It is my great pleasure to announce that tickets are now available for South Wales’ oldest and greatest wargames tournament. The venue is the incredible home of Welsh dicemanship, Firestorm Games, Trade Street, Cardiff. Our first release is L’art de la Guerre 300 point doubles.The… Read More

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Cerignola 1503 

When  you are recreating Cannae, Agincourt or the Somme, in order to get semblance of what happened, you need an opponent who will be so obliging as to charge blindingly forward. Mr C Jackson is such a man…… However, on seeing wall to wall entrenchments… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre Unholy War 

They say that all is fair in love and war. A certain Mr. Hayes certainly thinks so! Mr. Hayes deployed his effette Fatamids army around the oasis. His Ghulams watched the flank of his host, but where was his corps of Syrian lancers? The brilliant… Read More

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Wargames painting – I can see clearly now!

Historians have written about the great turning points of history. The development of grass- seed in Mesopotamia , the three field system, the steam engine , all these maybe described as ‘transformational!’ But, were they really? Can they really compare with the revolutionary potential of… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre Renaissance

As we wait for the official Renaissance supplement from our favourite rules author, the Tercio continue with our stop gap set The play testing so far has been set in the English civil war and is due for version 1.1 ASAP. Colin Evans is… Read More

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Caputt Porci- The West in Danger

Constantius, Emperor of the East, may have been feeling quite pleased with his victories but the West was in a state of despair. Their loss against the usurper had forced a change in Ravenna. No more would they rely on allies, the West would be… Read More

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Reading Matters

It may not have escaped your notice that the big tech corporations don’t just want your money, they want you to know that they have a social conscience. They want to be ‘disruptors’, organisations that want to upset the established order and bring about “progress”.… Read More