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Tetrarchia- holding a wolf by the ears!

A recent survey by German historians list over two hundred reasons for the “Fall of Rome”. To the older explanations of population migrations, corruption and Christianity, have been added sea level change, class warfare and pacifism. After playing Nestorgames’  Tetrarchia I offer a simpler more… Read More

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Wargames miniatures- how much longer?

‪“… every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”‬ ‪George Orwell, 1984‬… Read More

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Wargames miniature painting- Disaster on the Aventine

They do say that it’s better not to compare yourself with others. Rather, compare yourself to how you were last week, last month or last year even. I’ve been painting figures for best part of forty years and I had fallen in love with Aventine… Read More

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Wargames armies- seeing the elephant!

Designed to spread havoc and break up solid formations of troops, the war-elephant has a special place amongst wargamers. You simply haven’t lived until your  proto tank hasn’t turned on your own troops in a fit of rage in its final throes. If you haven’t… Read More

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Wargaming- Creative Industry

A recent traveller to Istanbul was horrified by a terrible vision of the future. Endless, sprawling suburbs full of people who were neither poor nor rich, just consuming in their isolation, just allowed to be consumers and play computer games. I very much hope this… Read More

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The Huns- Scourge of God and a thousand years of fun!

 Gamers generally hate basing. Basing doesn’t decrease the lead pile. Basing doesn’t involve buying new metal masterpieces. But, Steve’s obsession with Kings of War has completely changed my attitude. I am so impressed with how the Kings of War system has transformed basing from a… Read More

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Commands and Colors – Utus River 447AD

If there is one group who can withstand four weeks of Virus- inspired isolation it’s wargamers! Four weeks without contact with any human maybe a chore in some respects but hobby time? Nevermind the golden 90:10 ratio of playing to painting, reverse that, or alternatively… Read More

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Wargaming with 6mm- Basing the Timjim way!

Most gamers like to paint their miniatures. Most gamers hate to base their miniatures. My regular reader will know of my disasters that include finding something the cat had deposited in my sandbox, after I’d based a whole Arab army with the “mix!”Steve Timjim is… Read More

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Bailén 1808 with Blücher

Wargamers are never happy. We have an excellent set of wargames rules in the shape of Blücher but competition gamers find fault with the lists. The new kid on the block, Bataille Empire has excellent lists but the orders system is beyond me. Commands and… Read More

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Commands and Colors : the Miniatures Game

We all have our own conception of what would constitute the ultimate wargame. Mine would combine the excitement of Total War, the computer game,  with the collectibility of De Bellis Antiquitatis. It would have to avoid too many charts and tables, and end after an… Read More