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Stupor Mundi 2022: General assembly

Stop press: The results of Stupor Mundi: 28mm adlg Feudal 100 points: decided on number of wins and then percentage losses🙀

First Richard Walker😷 Wonder of the World ( well Cardiff)
Second Mike Ferres🤡
Third Don McHugh🧛🏾‍♀️
Fourth Mark Clarke🧙🏽‍♂️
Fifth Andrew Whitby🤮
Sixth Edward Ashley Glew😾
Seventh Mark Fry😿
Best new comer; Ashley ✌🏾

Cardiff Dice Studz ( the early years)

Who would have thought it? The magnificent seven assembled last Sunday for 28mm L’art de la Guerre. Much merriment ensued and not a single walk out/ scuffle/ policing action!

I finally got to play Eddie in a tourney. His Seljuks drew against the army of merry England ( with Welsh archers!)
Recently published rules author Mark Fry brought his beautifully painted Highlanders and islanders!
I can’t see why Mark chose this army!!!!!!
Eddie’s Ghulams rained pain on my feudal English!
Turks against English: look out for NETFLIX Resurrection Erdogulan ! It’s like thirteenth century Game of Thrones ( with fewer bras)
Andrew adjusts Mark’s waterway!🥺
Big Don’s Communal Italians!
Ashley’s Crusaders face the arrow storm!
Richard the Undefeated…erm….defeats the other Byzantines!
Don’s warwagons stole the show! You just can’t ignore models this big!
Sunday saw Mark Clarke welcomed into the Dice Studz nest!
Islesmen bring fear and loathing from the North!
Galwegians! An ethnic group that has had a big influence on Cardiffian etiquette!
Syrian lancers find a Greek weak spot!
It was all over too soon. Four games of one hundred points in one day! A resounding success and soon to be imitated in Berkeley and now Weston ( details to follow)
Be prepared for more…….Start collecting your minis!
A site dear to every Welshman’s heart!


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