Virtus 2015, L’Art de la Guerre Competition, Firestorm Games


Probably Wales’ first and biggest L’Art de la Guerre competition on December 5th and 6th December 2015. Come and join us at the magnificently appointed Firestorm Games, here in Cardiff. The details are;

Two hundred points of 25mm troops from any of the army lists included in the rulebook. Five games over the weekend, scoring ten tournament points for a “win” , five for a “draw” and nothing for a “loss”. Points also for the  elimination of generals. Terrain provided by competitors.

Doors open at 9.30 on the Saturday. Three games to be played from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00pm.

Doors open at 10.00am on the Sunday. Two games to be played from 10.30 to 4.30.

Cost is a measly £12.50 for the weekend of fun and laughter. Either pay me in person beforehand or pay on the day. Prizes for winners and best painted army.

Umpire Mr.A. Unwin.😊

Lists to me at by the 21st November please. We would love to see you there but places are limited. Come and see what Cardiff can offer at Christmas!



  1. Chris Jackson

    Mike!! You didnt tell me you dress like that 😦 Looking forward to it EVEN MORE now 🙂


    • Her name is Massalla actually you ignorant fascist 😜
      Glad you found your name check, go easy on your opponents tomorrow for Christ’s sake!


  2. Chris Jackson

    And if thats your working name thats ok mate 🙂 In fact I quite like it 😛 Remove the t’s lol 🙂


  3. I dumped another lot of pics in the ‘pages’ on the left hand menu. Just remember the pressure I was under, vying for twenty fourth place! See you in Usk my friend, I will be revengeded!😡💀


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