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Wargaming World War in 2D

In a bid to support my local gaming store, I felt it my civic duty to purchase fifty pounds worth of goods. Amongst the haul was, of course a number of Contrast Paints from GW but also this intriguing little package…… For just over ten… Read More

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Flames of War- America’s Rottweilers versus the Sitzkrieg!

My regular reader will know I have limited my model buying to one a month. It’s a start to avoid making an appearance on Hoarders. Now that’s one diecasts a month and last month’s Elefant should really count as two. Anyhow, there was a time,… Read More

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Mother’s Day- the case for the defence!

In my last article, we discussed the maximum price we could or should pay for our miniature obsession. The result of such deliberation was of course the ten pound rule- when one considers the use to which we put our miniature heroes, that seems about… Read More

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Dunkirk 2017- #not for me!

Shot on 75mm film, with an absence of C.G.I.and close attention paid to aerial shots, what’s not to like? The answer is absolutely everything. The absence of almost any conversation makes it extremely difficult to care whether the film’s characters get off the beach or… Read More

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Bolt Action- I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier

What is it ‘exactly’ about painting miniatures of the SS that makes me uneasy? It may seem obvious but is it? Could the fascination with the dark side of human nature be something more than mere goulishness? The typical wargamers’ response of ‘ they were… Read More

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Brecourt Manor – An exercise in leadership and initiative for the criminally insane

There can be few television series so memorable as  Band of Brothers. It contains so many stirring examples of leadership and incredible bravery. The actual events at Brecourt Manor had caught the attention of Giac and he devised an excellent scenario. Whereas the actual attackers… Read More