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Mark Fry’s Thornbury L’art de la Guerre Augustus

The Thornbury 100s1 day – 100pts – 28mm LadG Competition – 4 games – 8 players                                                           … Read More

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Sunday Round up (without Monday Morning Blues)

It’s been a productive week hobby wise. Nevermind the six miniatures a week minimum, we’re up into the low forties. Even The Despertaferres Jugend have been painting this week ( next week’s article😥). First off I finally managed to get these Armenian hillmen finished. I… Read More

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Easter “Progress”

My Easter holiday ends today and thought of the mind numbing monotony of Monday to Friday are approaching. But this Easter I can’t complain about gaming time. A whole weekend at Milton Keynes and no less than three other games over the holiday period. My… Read More

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L’Art de la Guerre U.K. Calendar 2017

It’s been a strange week here in sunny Wales – a holiday week with no cash and lots of tantrums. Still, I have stumbled towards arranging our next few games on Facebook – Firestorm Games Historical Tendency. A number of old faces are coming back… Read More

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Godendag 2017- one man army

After a brief sojourn we were back at the table. Steve Price, winner of Virtus 2016 and the Slimbridge mud snorkelling competition of 1979, would be no easy opponent. We were issued with the necessary colour chart to be forewarned of an imminent explosion. But… Read More

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Godendag 2017

“With loss of Eden, till one greater man Restore us , and regain the blissful seat……” Look closely at this photo dear friend because here you see how my faith has been restored. When the others sneered and found French unpronounceable, this man, this hollow… Read More

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Godendag- Runners and Riders, the lost and the lonely….

What started out as just a few friends meeting in a discreet hotel has now blossomed into something altogether different. Like the Foreign Legion before it, Godendag has attracted young ( and not so young) men to the field of combat. I present to you… Read More