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The Wednesday Quiz- those Romans are crazy!

“History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there!” Santayana And in that spirit I present twelve questions to stretch your knowledge of ancient history! 1. Vesta, goddess of the hearth, defended Rome but what happened to… Read More

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Joe Wicks workout for wargamers

Home alone with the children? What an opportunity for hobby time but you may have children to look after. Tried using the garage as a gym? Forget it, too crammed with next year’s projects. Tried going for a walk- really? Sharing the footpath with nefarious… Read More

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Blucher Wargames Rules- Marmont Variant

In correspondence with the various members of the Tercio, I thought it best to add the latest notes on our Napoleonic rules. Hopefully we can get together in the Christmas holidays for a first run through of the miniatures version of Blucher for the Later… Read More

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All roads lead to Paris

Some wargamers need to control elite forces that slice through all toy opposition. Some wargamers need to attack the opposing toy army in order to show their “manliness”. But when you need to recreate the chaos and confusion of a desperate defence, you need Chris… Read More

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Cardiff Wargames

I wish I was the sort of person who was described by others as “organised”. You can spot these people. They invariably beam with delight as you can’t remember the time or even the day. The “organised” person has charts and sends reminders. Well to… Read More

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Sale of the Century ( well, June 2016 at least!)

What started as tidy up to expose the floor of my ‘daughter’s’ wargame room/ bedroom has now gone into overdrive. When I was young and foolish I started  a Napoleonic Spanish army. The idea was to face off the French revolutionaries but the wind changed… Read More