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Wargames treasure; hidden in plain sight

In a cigar box in an Aberdeen museum lay a few pieces of old wood. This week, a keen archivist realised the importance of these few shards. The wood was cedar wood and put together they made that most humdrum of items, a ruler. Long… Read More

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Murphy’s Law of (tabletop) Combat

It was my great grandmother who always used to say, “better to have a seven hundred dollar assault rifle with two thousand three hundred dollars of ammunition than a three thousand dollar assault rifle.” Well grandma has gone to that big militia camp in the… Read More

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Flames of War- America’s Rottweilers versus the Sitzkrieg!

My regular reader will know I have limited my model buying to one a month. It’s a start to avoid making an appearance on Hoarders. Now that’s one diecasts a month and last month’s Elefant should really count as two. Anyhow, there was a time,… Read More

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Bolt Action A.A.R. Tongues not corpses!

You are given clear orders. They are simple and easy to understand. There is a dire need to find out what the enemy is doing. Find a “tongue” who can tell us the information, bring him back to our lines. Simple…… It’s the New Year… Read More