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Wargaming: mercenary fighters

The sun rose early and the gang was assembling. The morning matinee started at ten a.m. and seating was limited, seating where we wanted to be anyway. The ideal location was half way up the auditorium; fewer missiles hitting the back of your head but… Read More

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To the Strongest: The Normans

Well it’s March the first and another wargames army is finished! Please don’t contact your legal representative, I promised an army a month and this counts!….and if you need more reasons? It just does!

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Wargames treasure; hidden in plain sight

In a cigar box in an Aberdeen museum lay a few pieces of old wood. This week, a keen archivist realised the importance of these few shards. The wood was cedar wood and put together they made that most humdrum of items, a ruler. Long… Read More

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Basic Impetvs Wargaming Transformation

It’s finally happened! I’m getting organised and I’ve finally hit upon a system. The rules system is the newly released Basic Impetvs 2.0 . Is a gem of a publication, fourteen pages of medium complexity rules and hundreds of armylists. The armylists are my salvation.… Read More

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Wargaming; Rags to riches!

Is a small lead pile really all that? Two A4 sizes boxes of unpainted metal may not be enough to get me into 2021. Could I paint up Roman citizens, pack mules and some geese!? You guessed it! Roman camp followers, on the hoof, with… Read More

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Lessons from the tabletop #eat defeat

The flanking attack is a staple of Wargames victory. An enemy may be strong frontally but few armies can withstand a concerted attack from their unguarded flank. The is true of the L’art de la Guerre system when the defender’s factors are reduced to zero… Read More

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Tetrarchia- holding a wolf by the ears!

A recent survey by German historians list over two hundred reasons for the “Fall of Rome”. To the older explanations of population migrations, corruption and Christianity, have been added sea level change, class warfare and pacifism. After playing Nestorgames’  Tetrarchia I offer a simpler more… Read More

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Wargames miniatures – a blast from the past!

My regular reader will know that I’m into painting miniatures fast these days. My desk was tidy. It was tidy and ready to start speed painting my Late Romans. But, and there is always a ‘but’, I needed to make ready for the next task… Read More

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Wargames miniatures- how much longer?

‪“… every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”‬ ‪George Orwell, 1984‬… Read More

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L’art de la Guerre- if you go down to the woods today

Guest contributor: Eddie Glew, Jefe of the Bristol Columna I have been asked to write about my over zealous Early Germans in L’art de la Guerre. My brother said to me once “I never understood you and dad’s love of impetuous armies” But I will… Read More