Out on the hills playing little boy soldiers…


What exactly is the attraction of wargames? For me, it’s an exercise in imagination and a glimpse back to one’s childhood. Just like the imagined battles of your formative years, it’s all the glory, bravery and bravado of combat without the destruction, lives ruined and lives lost. Every battle fought on the tabletop can be a reminder of those brave individuals who were , we imagine, oblivious to the pettiness and cowardly spirits that one feels pervade our own mean times. One has to admit too that  wargaming can and should be great fun. I count myself very blessed by the friends I’ve met over the years through this hobby. The days of throwing mud bombs at my teenage enemies maybe long gone but wargaming has a knack of keeping the soul intact. Gun noises are still frowned upon so don’t lose control totally!


Miniatures painted by the very talented Richard Abbot


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