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Wargaming: small or far away?

If you haven’t watched the television show Father Ted then where have you been? Just yesterday, I was reminded of the scene where the Father is explaining perspective to Donald. As my family sat on the beach, a group of horse riders passed by on the other side of the river and my gamer’s mind was off…..

200 metres away?

The point being, why was I spending my time painting with hobby lenses when your average Welsh peasant could just about work out if the Norman invader was in armour, cloth or naked? Although the last option was unlikely in Wales in April!

Crossing back to the castle a decision was made.

The first decision was never to let my family cross on stepping stones in public! Two soaked teenagers and an irate dog walker later and my mind returned to the issue; namely how much detail is enough?

Movement slowed by a half?

In 15mm I was decided, one hour of painting maximum. The Khurasan miniatures had come all the way from the United States but if you can’t see it, don’t paint it!

Lovely detail to pick out on these minis
Perhaps a bit too much foliage?
I relented and spent two hours on four units of Frankish skirmishers!

So, if anyone peers to closely at your wargames figures just tell them, “ you can see what their miniature opponents could see!”It really is amazing how much time you can save if you don’t agonise on the superfluous details!

Careful now! Not too close!


  1. You are absolutely correct in the detail. Paint as much as you like etc but I find unless you are doing the figs for display they are playing pieces at the end of the day. 🙂 In fact the basing often is more of a visual item than the figs in 15mm scale and it’s something a lot of us do not put half as much time into as the figs themselves.

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    • Faces, bases and flags! I’ve fallen in love with B and Q building sand. I’m only glueing it on with one dry brush now!!!!! When I think the time I used to put into pollyfiller and three coats!

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  2. “Two soaked teenagers and an irate dog walker later” – could have been worse – it might have been you!
    Hmm! I am n ot sure that my miniature opponents can see anything! Does that allow me a surprise attack?

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