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Wargaming; Rags to riches!

Is a small lead pile really all that? Two A4 sizes boxes of unpainted metal may not be enough to get me into 2021. Could I paint up Roman citizens, pack mules and some geese!?

You guessed it! Roman camp followers, on the hoof, with their guard geese. The colours were going to be subdued as befits the lowly denizens of the train…..

I’ve got to really like doing these bases. Too many of my games have ended with the destruction of my camp but, nothing is to be feared more than Dave Lowrie resting his knobbly elbows on my camp elements!

My regular readers will feel the pain of the scolded male in the bottom scene. I think he may have invested too much of the household funds into the hands of the wine seller ( making a sharp exit from the matrimonial hiccup!)

I would like to say I planned for a separate donkey for another project but to tell the truth, he was hiding behind my mug and missed the basing stage…..

I am proceeding with the rebase/ reorganisation of my ancients and medieval. These are ancient Gladiator minis and should be good for my French medievals. I do love how the larger Impetvs bases give you scope for modelling. They are a little oversize but depth is not vital and To the Strongest makes no difference.

I resisted the temptation to include any bright rich colours but rather reserved my pallette for the last of this week’s work.

I wanted a Patrician Roman leader charging through the remains of a doomed Rome. It was nice to get back to rich reds and blues but more of these next week. But, for now, the colours are mainly drab and dirty. Try a restrained pallette from time to time, it makes you appreciate the bright hues more……


    • Roger that- down with measuring millimetres and the 15mm recoil!
      I do think that my experiment with six inch wide bases was a step too far!😜😳
      Hope u are having a good Saturday night!

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    • Thanks John! Re-reading the Impetvs rules and they can be twice as big! May have to plan Jean D’arc at the stake and Francis 1’s gentleman’s reading collection captured at Fornovo!
      All the best John
      Remember not to watch Strictly this Saturday night!

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      • We have now left the golden three month period when my sons watched every single Star Wars movie night after lock down night! I was drooling last night at a Star Wars Legion game on YouTube.
        Working on getting them into Lord of the Rings, after Marvel Avengers! The wife takes more than an unhealthy interest in Captain America!

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    • Thanks very much! The bigger footprint allows you to come up with some wacky ideas. Have you seen some of the bases people do for Kings of War- one dwarf army had a whole volcano when the bases come together!

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