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Bolt Action A.A.R. Tongues not corpses!

You are given clear orders. They are simple and easy to understand. There is a dire need to find out what the enemy is doing. Find a “tongue” who can tell us the information, bring him back to our lines. Simple……

It’s the New Year and we are playing the old favourite Bolt Action. The defenders were a platoon of Heer Germans, with outragious quantities of assault rifles and a Panzer 3. The squads are well supplied with light anti-tank Panzerfausts. All this was yet to be discovered as Tim’s troops were all hidden in the Normandy village.

Ii was sent on the mission with three squads of riflemen and a lot of mobility. In order to fell for the defences I sent in the Greyhound armoured car and a half track full of G.I.s. The joy of the US army is of course it’s mobility and firepower. The half tracked packed a .50 cal and two .30cals.

The Greyhound opened up of the most likely defensive position after a preliminary barrage softened up the evasive defenders. The South of the village was indeed defended but where was the officer?

 “Nights zu see-hen!”

The G.I.s debussed and formed a skirmish line. With the flanking armoured car we were confident of taking the position but a sniper in the centre of the village square had other ideas. The leading squad leader was down and the squad hit the dirt. Far from being on the defensive, the Germans were flanking us from the West.

The flank was a fire with rockets. One missed but the other two brewed up the halftrack and the commanding officer. When all is going wrong, call for a Sherman.

The Sherman has good armour, a medium gun plus more machine guns than is decent! With accompanying infantry, the two German plan toons intending to flank us, were soon dispensed with.

The wily Kommandant was not just content with surprising our left. On the right, the ominous shape of a Panzer emerged from the village. Thankfully our Greyhound recognised it as an older, and less powerful, Mk.Three. It must have been a training vehicle or recently refurbished. The astute Greyhound driver fled to the front. The Panzer missed a rear shot on the Sherman and all would turn on what happened next…

Fortune was smiling. The fast moving Sherman turned and blasted the Panzer threat. The Greyhound used its machine gun to send slates in all direction and dispense with the deadly German sniper. The Germans were suffering but still they would not give up!

With support from a machine gun team, the Nazis made one final thrust. The US force commander was not awake to the danger. If Tim could eliminate all my infantry, I could not capture his officer!

The assault rifle remains an excellent weapon in Version two of the rules. Twenty shots tore through my infantry. The Greyhound cleaned up through the streets but only my Sherman could win me the objective.

I swerved this way and that but the Kommandant dodged too. If I couldn’t capture him, then he must die! No detail of defences, no plans , just the satisfaction of wiping out the whole command. HQ would not be happy!

It had been a great evening. Bolt action gives an excellent fast moving and exciting game. We have a good number of interested regulars so Friday’s will regularly feature this system. Time to switch sides and field the SS next time! Surely that lot will follow orders and complete a mission!

More new armour diecasts will on be display. God I love these toys!


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