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Starting Over

Getting back into routine after the Summer has been hard. So many demands on our time and sometimes hobbies have to get pushed to the back of the to-do queue. It’s half way through September and I have a bit of a backlog. Don’t fret dear reader I’m ready to start posting again but I thought I’d start off gently with a visit to Damion at Ancient and Modern Games.

Damion bought Donnington miniatures a good few years ago now but he really has added so much to the existing ranges. He has a range of New Era figures- all cute faces and beautifully sculpted, plus increasing numbers of upgraded Donningtons. There was even a rumour of some wonderful new developments but this is a closely guarded secret at the moment! You’ll be the first to know though.

Painted miniatures are available but Damion is no slouch himself. One obvious factor in his favour is that unlike us mere mortals, he is meticulous in everything he does. Every miniature, terrain piece, even the cupboards that he built to house them, are all of the highest quality.

Damion is also a stockist of Simon Hall’s Mortem et Glorium. This system came to Godendag in January and started quite a stir. The armies are much larger than our usual staple L’art de la Guerre. The classical armies at 1200 points would also appear to be quite considerably larger than the old D.B. M. 500 point armies.

The rules seem very well thought out. I especially liked the pre battle system that positions the competing armies into a believable scenario. It allows those aspiring Alexanders to winkle their opponents out of suitable ground in the days before the clash. Combat and movement is fast and bloody- bases are removed as a consequence of shooting and melee.

I greatly enjoyed our run-through but the distances and number of miniatures means that 25mm will have to remain L’art de la Guerre. The rules are next on my shopping list – with mention that Renaissance , napoleonics and even World War Two are on there way from Simon Hall. There may also be computer games and boardgames to tie in with the system! Thanks to Damion for a great introduction. More reviews are available on YouTube including explanations of the rules. I spent a happy three hours listening to the Meeples podcast /interview with the meglamaniac Simon !


  1. Delighted you had such fun!

    Yes the armies are much more like Field of Glory size. I do like it to look like an army.

    What you will find is that the point system is more spread than previously so cheaper trooped armies are larger. But they seem to be within about 10% of my past armies overall. Every one so far has fit into the same box I always use.

    With the points system we do 9,000pts on a 6×4 for 28mm. Works great. Then about 2/3rd of an old DBM army. Doing a league in 28mm down in Cape Town.

    Simon the Meglamaniac! Thanks for the new title and go roll some more skulls! 😉


    • Hi Simon,
      Another game last night and the skulls rolled…….but my Numidians sought sanctuary off table! Love the system- Mortem is in planning for Godendag in January again, of course.
      Good luck at the Worlds in South Africa!


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