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Roll Call 2017 L’art de la Guerre -the triumph and the tragedy!

It’s the start of the Easter holidays and something new is brewing. Not for us, the glamour and glitz of nightclubs and casinos. No, what better way to spend your holiday than following the international Wargames fraternity invading a primary school to the east of Milton Keynes.

Parting is such sweet sorrow…..

  That’s Easter! Witty banter, fried food and model soldiers.
My regular reader will remember that my choice for the 15mm competition was the Free Companies. This gave me a corps of heavy knights with the advantage of “impact”. The rest of the company comprised a mix of dismounted men-at-arms with either crossbowmen or longbows. It was a tough army but small. My first opponent had come all the way from Southern France to avenge the “liberation” of his country by my happy band all those years ago.

Stephane had brought the super mobile nomadic Mongols. Could I bear the ignomony of sitting in the corner whilst my steppe opponent attempted to shoot me to death. The gentle hill would not suffice to anchor my flank so I thought to advance 90 degrees and push him off the table…..

The advance onto the plain begins….

The flaw, there’s always a flaw, was that my refused corps was getting stretched. The Mongols evacuated the central rise but already my keen eyed foe was sending his minions to assault my crossbows.

A few bolts found their mark but no enough before this…….

The centre of dismounted men-at-arms would not be dented by Mongol bows. My knights were within reach of the yurts but the slaughter of my right left my plan in tatters (tartars😰😷)

Game one was lost and worse still Colin C had won in the 25s. The break would be full of dice related West Country anecdotes😔. I had the destination feeling I needed more missile troops. Not a complete disaster though…..not yet!

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The wild ramblings of an infamous wit and wargames guru. One of nature's true gentlemen who devotes his time to the care of his two sons, i.e. giving realistic tactical advice in Fortnite games, and recreating great moments of military history using inch high toy soldiers. Currently a leading light in the Cardiff Dice Studz who meet regularly at Firestorm Games ( formerly Ali Baba's Carpet Warehouse), Trade Street, Cardiff, sunny Wales, U.K.


  1. That pedantic bugger Fry

    One small & very churlish question Mike.

    Why were you fighting Mongols?
    I cannot remember any noted Mongol Khan getting is horde across to Iberia?

    Or were you just being your nice jovial self & warmly accepting that the organisers had spinelessly failed to enforce the army restrictions for the competition!

    Always worth having a few 15mm Tiger tanks & panzer grenadiers in your box for such occations i find 😁

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      • That pedantic bugger Fry


        It calls into question all the results from the event !!! The entire league is now corrupted.

        Call for a refight with selected champions, in a mud bath!

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  2. Mark

    I just hope that Colin is firm of heart & stout of purpose at Cry Havoc! in June … ensuring that all participants stick to the proscribed army list restrictions both geographically and historically!
    We cannot let the rot spread.


  3. Just got a sort of permission for Big Don’s Bristol bash. I won’t push my luck until the North Korean Day of the Sun is over and die Kaiser can relax…..


  4. Mark

    Wonderful … so Portuguese it is is it Mike? Still not sure myself … might go for Assyrian just to fox people.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mark

    Indeed … I think it might have to be Ghaznavids with Hindu Indian allies for me … you cannot keep a good elephant down.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Mark

    Another nasty elite impetuous hvy knight army …. but it will need some good command mate.
    Just how many knights can you get??? The full 12 is probably doable with the HYW French … but I am struggling to get the full 16 into the army for the Serbs, even at 225pts :+)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did seriously just going for a completely new army. My brainwave for Portuguese means that I don’t get the mounted as they are mercenaries ( and couldn’t afford horses!) Claymore castings French in four weeks??? Or wall to wall Berper spearmen😝👳🏼


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