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D.B.A. Terrain In Double Quick Time

imageWhat to do when visitors arrive and you really don’t want to be there? Please follow these easy steps to avail yourself of some good looking terrain pieces and keep the in-laws happy.

image  Option A- ask a suspicious B and Q employee to cut odd shaped pieces of 3mm MDF. If you think I’m the sort of person that knows what MDF actually is then think again. All I know is it’s a pig to cut with a Stanley knife.

Option B- send to WARBASES and you can buy irregular shaped pieces.

To help the sand stick, score the MDF in a criss-cross pattern. Cover the pieces of MDF in wood glue or PVA, then sprinkle builders’ sand or grit from the cactii growing section of the local garden centre. Remember to steal samples of artificial grass for another project. You may need to spread some more watered down PVA over the sand to get a good grip.


I used the Americana series of water based paints to save a fortune on my usual Vallejo figure paints. Tan brown above, later to be dry brushed with desert yellow. Dry brush is of course filling the brush with paint, wiping most of the paint off and then wiping the brush across the item to be painted. It is wasteful of paint but hey, you are worth it. This one is the base for an Arab BUA.


If you are really feeling artistic then try the following. Glue match sticks to base MDF, cover with Pollyfiller and then paint Americana Chocolate Brown. Dry brushing with Tan then Ivory gives you fields……

Matchsticks PVA glued to MDF, covered with Pollyfiller

Matchsticks PVA glued to MDF, covered with Pollyfiller

Paint with watered down Chocolate Brown.

Paint with watered down Chocolate Brown.

Note. I sent to the USA to get Americana paint, to base like Chevalierdelaterre Blog suggests. This was before I realised that Hobbycraft sold them here in the UK!

Games workshop grass represents sprouting crops.

Games workshop grass represents sprouting crops.

To get a more undulating surface you can cover the MDF with Pollyfiller before sand is applied.

image image imageTop right- to make a DBA gully, I just stole some of my son’s plastercene before covering it with filler.

My relatives were getting suspicious of my absence by now but I still had time to cover a piece of MDF with fine grade sandpaper to make a BUA base.

image image image

One family visit over, four twenty minute absences and enough terrain done for tomorrow’s showdown in Granada! Thanks for reading, if I can do it anyone can….literally anyone!

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