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Brecourt Manor – An exercise in leadership and initiative for the criminally insane


There can be few television series so memorable as  Band of Brothers. It contains so many stirring examples of leadership and incredible bravery. The actual events at Brecourt Manor had caught the attention of Giac and he devised an excellent scenario. Whereas the actual attackers numbered only a handful of highly motivated paratroopers to take on over sixty defenders, Giac knew who he was dealing with………Each of the American players would command three sections of ten paratroopers……..and a 30 cal……..each…….and  Shermans later in the attack ( two were present in the actual second phase of the operation though).


As luck with have it, I was to take the role of Lieutenant Winter. Our esteemed command group met to discuss the options. As there was two large open fields either side of the road, offering excellent fields of fire, the only option was through the cover and into the trench system at the apex of the V-shape of the earthworks.


Phil “Sanchez” J was to take the right, and fight his way up the trenches leading up to the Manor.  The second platoon was to move left, with my third platoon following up the centre as a reserve.

image image

Little did we know what horror awaited………

Is that a large house or a small man?

Is that a large house or a small man?

Our left hand platoon wasn’t waiting for an invite. The paratroopers tore through the vegetation and stormed up the embankment. They won the assault and took out the first gun with TNT ,set off by German hand grenades…..

image imageI

It was going too well…..Flanking fire raked through the breakthrough. A second section entered the trench system but it was soon much reduced.

image image

And then then inspiration struck me. I thought to use our two 30cals as supporting fire whilst Winters stormed down the trench line eliminating bad guys all the way……..

image image

So much for plans!  Our machine guns failed to score any hits for two turns. Two assaults were beaten off. Only Winters himself managed to kill any enemy, but now he was completely alone. Phil ‘Sanchez’ was struggling to cross into the Manor complex, held up by Ian’s emplaced MMGs.

Help arrives, two Shermans silence the roadside defenders...

Help arrives, two Shermans silence the roadside defenders…

image image

It was all over! The road block from Utah beach had cleared and we had our ‘armor’ support at last. Despite a fierce defence, the Manor was ours! Thanks to Giac for an inspired scenario that had us all gripped.


Thanks for reading, next week The Battle of Beaver Dam……

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