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When wargaming gets serious

“In unguarded comments to British troops, Wallace boasted that his old regiment the Scots Guards had ‘kicked the backside’ of Tsar Nicholas I in 1853, adding: ‘we can always do it again.’

Except they cannot. In 2021, the Scots Guards were the most critically undermanned unit in the British Army, barely able to fill half their ranks. An internal report found that Britain’s infantry as a whole needed 14,984 soldiers, but only 11,301 were ready for deployment. The government responded to this problem by slashing the size of the infantry and the army in general in last year’s defence review.”

The Spectator


Whilst the Russians were putting the finishing touches to their plans for their invasion what was the priority of Woke Britannia?

You couldn’t make this stuff up? The party that suggested sending an aircraft carrier to landlocked Afghanistan is now suggesting a no fly zone in Ukraine policed by non- existent squadrons to fight against the Russian air flotilla that turned the war in Syria.

Let’s move to Switzerland

When one watches the scenes in Ukraine I feel nothing but depression. I am guilty of expressing my support for President Putin in the past. I do think that the eastward expansion of NATO was I’ll conceived, I did think the 2014 coup did undermine the legitimacy of “ democratic” Ukraine.

Will I be changing my Facebook page to include the Russian tricolour? Friends who have added the blue and yellow worry me. The treatment of the East of Ukraine has to be recognised. Perhaps the UK would need to act in the future if any Sinn Fein / I. R. A. government increased the victimisation of the Loyalist people of Northern Ireland. How would Biden react to the U. K. standing up to ethnic cleansing?

So, no flags on Facebook, no glamorous Ukrainian women posing with Aks and no crocodile tears for a completely foreseeable disaster. And I’m afraid to say, it’s time to stop pretending us armchair generals know more than a fraction of what has gone on.




  1. I agree about no flags on Facebook, they do little. What can do is to stop supporting any facet of the Russian economy including buying any of our gaming supplies from there. It is good to see the way the Ukrainians are standing up for their country but sad to see how they are suffering for it. We in the West thankfully, have not had to live under Soviet domination in the way they and their fellow states had to in the past, maybe this is why they prefer to align more with the West. On a lighter note due to my advanced age, I have re-joined a group I was a member of for 6 years back in the 70s’, The Society of Ancients. It is a period that I always had the strongest interest in, this time around I feel more qualified.

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  2. Personally, I think the west is in its death throes. In our country we have a dottering, nit wit in charge and a total embarrassment for VP.

    Putin knows weakness when he sees it. I read that the German army is nearly non existent? NATO appears to be a shell.

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      • I think the Germans are content to use Poland as a shield. They also are shutting down their nuclear energy, making them even more dependent on the Russki’s.

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  3. From Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday;

    As my old friend Edward Lucas, no friend of Russia, put it in the Daily Mail yesterday, Ukraine is a country where ‘oligarchs run media empires, with politicians and officials on the payroll. The judicial system is a festering mess where arrests, prosecutions and verdicts are used as score-settlers between political and commercial rivals. Senior positions are bought and sold. Healthcare and education are plagued by kickbacks. The security service, the SBU, is infested with intrigue and sleaze – and penetrated by Russian agents of influence’.

    Justified outrage over the terrible harvest of war would be more convincing if we had paid more attention to the hundreds of civilian casualties, many of them inflicted by Ukrainian armed forces, in and near the breakaway regions in the country’s East.

    A 2020 report by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe said that between January 2017 and September 2020, there were 946 civilian casualties, of which 161 were fatalities. Among the casualties were 100 children (73 boys and 27 girls).

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    • This is known here by a few, but we often read in the Daily Mail things our own media will not report on. Another thing we know for certain is the Biden’s connections with the Ukraine are full of corruption, something else most of our media has buried. Still, I hope the Ukrainians prevail against the KGB Colonel.

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  4. I am without words on how this was enabled by the West, especially the Germans and Biden. Yes, corruption is bad. I think we can agree that nothing Ukraine has done is close to the horrors currently inflicted by that KGB asshole. Unless things change, Taiwan is next.

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