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Wargaming in the land of bones

Present day Afghanistan may pride itself that it never has been conquered but two thousand three hundred years ago Alexander the Great held the area and left a legacy. After suffering some of the worst defeats of his entire career, Alexander transformed his army and one feature of that was elite light cavalry that became more than a match for the native insurgents.

Casting room miniatures

The javelin armed light horse gain an impact advantage against bow armed raiders in hand to hand combat, if they can catch them! These are Castingroom miniatures from Wargames Foundry.

Contrast paints are great to get vivid colours onto the metal!
Four units for L’art de la Guerre

I chickened out of doing anything intricate on the robes. I just went for the brightest colours available .

Just the Bactrian companions, three elephants and a pike block to complete the army for our Successors tourney!
Planning for our April Feudal competition proceeds apace but can you guess the title????


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