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October break

Thank God the month of October is drawing to a close. What a horrible month of hospitals and general despondency! With number one son in hospital and too many annoying little things to contend with, hobby time has been severely curtailed.

This was the plan for October!!!!

It’s at times like this when one needs one’s friends and bless them, they were there! A big shout out to Rob, recovering from Covid. By the end of the month, I was back in gear but it’s sometimes useful to have a short break to recalibrate.

You need a quick win!

I found it helpful to grab myself a quick win to get me back on form. I hate to say that for a couple of weeks I didn’t go near the painting table. What I needed was something that wouldn’t be too onerous to get me back to the table.

I’d literally splashed on the Contrast paints and these French brigand needed detailing

Finishing off a project just gives you that lift you sometimes need! Once these were done, I considered that the Feudal French army was now done.

Which direction?

Once I had this small victory under my belt I could get on with the cat herding that is tournament organisation! Some wanted a hundred points L’art de la Guerre, some wanted 120, 200 or 300! And then there was scale and period! Anyhow by going back to the pals who have proved reliable in the past, our two tournaments are now good to go!

Le charge!

Tickets for Virtus are now available. We decided on four games of one hundred points L’art de la Guerre. So, something a bit different and a format that may attract some beginners into the hobby? So, after a brief interlude, I feel we are making progress!

Figures by Front Rank; now owned by Footsore!

Wishing you a pleasant weekend and a big thank you to all those who have rung, emailed, dropped presents around and generally been great mates in this strangest of months!

Don’t forget; home is where the heart is!


  1. I had thought that things had been a bit quiet in Cardiff! Hope your son and everyone is OK! I’ve helped you out by posting next to nowt so that you don’t have to feel bad about not reading it! 😉 Here’s hoping your tournament goes well and I do like the figures you’ve managed to get painted! 🙂

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  2. Chin up Mike I’m going through a bit of a bastard October myself!! thank god the Dictator here has decided to give up with his knock down and let us see our friends and families!! I trust your lad is OK!

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      • You do know that Aussies have always been at least six months behind you lot over there, always have been! so its good that our timid Premier has had a look at what your lot are doing and feels he can safely emulate the great Boris!!!

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