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Wargaming with Condottiero

Can miniatures that you have bought ever be as loved as those you have painted yourself? Britain’s Deetail range were my favourite. One toy soldier a week. The newsagent’s shop window filled with rank upon rank of miniature heroes! They were the days.

Endless days of fun!

Alas the collection was all sent to the local orphanage many moons ago. I never tire of reminding my father that his prize possessions will face a similar fate in the years to come! Am I bitter after forty years? You know I still am! But, how does a grown man still feel the attachment? That’s a whole other post and one my current wife would be interested to read.

My favourites ( predictably)

Twenty odd years ago Darren Matthews painted many 15mm Italian Wars figures for me and it was their rebasing that got me thinking. They have been in my possession for so long that I do not even consider their provenance unless asked. They are part of “ my” collection and I would never part eith them.

Too many stripes for me to paint
Generals for sale
Milanese chîck
Papal command

I can see why people do get very touchy about the subject. I always ask tourney players whether they paint their own minis and the replies are often illuminating. I seem to fall into the “ all these minis are mine- whether I painted them or not” category! I don’t think it cheating to collect the work of others and it also gives me something to aim at. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on collecting ? Would an army painted by another ever be yours? At least the basing is mine I guess….

Dice Studz attend the “ Truck off Trudeau” support meet in January!


  1. We wish!! I had some where you could swap heads arms and torsos that ended up with the same fate. Dad thinking that at eleven I was too old to play with toy soldiers!! I am a little older than ten now.

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  2. I had all of those Britain’s miniatures shown. My saddest Britain’s day as a child was taking my latest cavalryman to school to show my mate and losing his flag…. I must have spent three hours that evening looking for it along the mile walk to school. As for miniatures painted by someone else, I have a lot if my Flintloque troops from Ebay. I firmly believe they are mine, it would be wrong, however, to take credit for the painting.

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