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2022 To the Strongest

It was November when I last ventured near the painting table. After two years of lockdown, I wasn’t feeling the love. Christmas bled into New Year and progress there was none. It was time to go back to basics, and follow my oft tried but never copyrighted “ guide to getting back into doing something constructive.”

The challenge ahead!

I find it helps if you can try and do something. Nothing too big, just so that tomorrow you are not in exactly the same mess that you are today! I started by just seeing what miniatures I had in the trays on the “ to do” list. Literally twenty minutes was the start to the process of recovery!

Don’t overdo it! If twenty minutes is all you can do then you have learned something about the state you are in!

I still wasn’t in the mood to tackle painting but basing is always easier. PVA glue was night two, with each evening after that devoted to highlighting and tufts.

It was working; I went from “ can’t be bothered” to looking forward to the next stage!

By the end of the week, I had some tangible evidence that I was moving forward. Twenty minutes had become forty minutes a night and in total three hour hobbytime had put me in a better place.

Franc archers or the more impolite “ chicken killers”
Some more warlike than others! A suspect case of a self inflicted wound!
French arquebusiers!
Italian firepower!
The premier regiments of the French army started like this “ grande bands”

So it had been a good week and I no longer get a sinking feeling when I enter the hobby room. Your hobby should be uplifting and not another drag. More good news this weekend when the protesters ( rioters) who tore down the Colston statue in Bristol were found “innocent“.

Good job the police were there to see that the innocent could lower the statue down gently!

This now of course means that the Dice Studz protest against communism that occurred on the sixth of January “ now it’s our turn’” commemoration should be re- evaluated by the authorities. Spraying Diet Coke over the International Brigade statue in the Temple of Peace is not a crime. What fate Spain if the Stalinists had won in 36 aided by these dupes? We wait with interest to see how our case develops?

Justice for the Diet Coke two!


  1. Definitely agree that this hobby should be just that. Hobbies are IMO a very good part of mental health of done sensibly. One reason I started my blog 10+ years ago was to show that not all figs need to be completion level paint jobs to be on the web.

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    • Very true old boy! I always think how much I loved playing with soldiers as a boy: so much is in the game and the imagination! Just read was magazine on similar topic; are modern minis just too good????

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      • Yeah I think there is sometimes an unhealthy push for the perfect. The social media drive to compare with others does not help that and that is an issue for an artistic creative hobby in many ways

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      • Definately; I’d much rather have a full army than twenty or so works of art! I agree that’s why there is always so much unpainted metal and plastic! Roll on precoloured laxer prints!

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  2. Good to see you are heading back to happiness mate , I to was overwhelmed having far to many things going at once 😫so I said enough is enough and decided that this year I would go back and finish everything not completed. You would be amazed to know some of these projects go back twenty odd years 😳😳😅😅😅

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    • Hi Pat! Happy new year!!!!
      That’s exactly what I was feeling like! Last year was so mad, I think we all took time to adjust. I know a number of people tho who don’t have a hobby like ours and they just couldn’t stand to be away from routine.

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