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Wargaming: Hungary for success!?

How lucky the British are to be surrounded by sea! Less happy people have no rivers or mountains to mark their borders. It was only the Lviv ( latest incarnation) sign writers who benefitted from the twentieth century incessant changes of ownership. It was our 6th of April Corvinus celebration this week and the Dice Studz had a fine time.

April 6th will always be remembered in Cardiff.
Hungarian Dice Studz

And it was Mathias Corvinus of course who first developed a way to hold the steppes with a combination of heavily armoured knights and light horse that later achieved fame as the “ hussars”.

Speed and steel: a winning combination ( usually)

The party had added sparkle this year now that Orbán has won a decisive election victory yet again. How better to celebrate the new builders of Europe’s shield than to prepare a fifteenth century Hungarian miniature army?

Six units of Hussars for the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century.
Nab war Roundway 15mm miniatures are full of character: rather knave of hearts in style?
The big bases for To the Strongest do allow you to get that skirmish feel.
This part of the steppe is Hungarian
Or Polish, or Lithuanian or Ukrainian???

The armoured knights are in preparation for our Mohács game; a real test for the knight and hussar combination. To all our Hungarian members we look forward to our continued association.

Avanti Raggazi!

Late addition: note to self- more flags needed!


  1. Love the figures. I wish I could paint 15’s as good as those. I just cannot be bothered painting the these day. They are too small for me and I already have enough…………….welll you never really have enough do you?!!! Great post.

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  2. It is always good to see the hobby expanding and new games and forces appearing, unfortunately though it is my task to be the bearer of bad news for us all. Crusade will be sadly missed by all of us, I know I have attended and enjoyed over 20 of the shows in that time and hoped for many more.

    Announcement – The Last Crusade!

    Fellow gamers,
    It is with deep regret that, after much soul searching and debate, the club has taken the very difficult decision that there will be no more Crusade shows.
    Over the past few years we have seen a number of fundamental changes in the profile of the club together with changes in the personal circumstances of some of the key members associated with organising the show.
    Whilst not the primary cause, the Pandemic has exacerbated the situation where, during the last two years, contact has been much reduced with many ex-members and friends who, in the past, were prepared to travel substantial distances in order to assist with the show.
    Indeed, it is only in recent weeks that we are seeing the club itself returning to some normality with the lifting of headcount/table restrictions (where the Welsh Assembly Government continue to adopt a more cautious approach with the Covid restrictions).
    We have also seen changes within the hobby over the last two years prompted by the Pandemic. On-line purchasing now seems to be far more prolific than before and some traders are yet to return to the show circuit. Show attendance has also understandably been impacted by Covid and, whilst we are optimistic this will recover in the next few years, ongoing uncertainty remains.
    Some of you will recall the very first show in January 1995 at the Cogan Leisure Centre, Penarth. That Friday evening we weren’t able to set up until the indoor football classes had finished at 10pm meaning we were still there in the early hours of the Saturday morning. With the outer doors to the car park open snow flakes started to flutter down and we began to question our sanity – would anyone come, would the show take off? You did and it did, a very emotional journey indeed.
    We have made many many very good friends over the years and would like to say a massive Thank You to all those who have supported the show throughout its 25 year journey both directly (in helping to run the show) and indirectly (as traders, gamers and visitors).
    Our enthusiasm for the hobby is as strong as ever and we will, no doubt, see you at other shows and gatherings around the country but please feel free to pop into one of our regular club meetings if you happen to be in the area where you can be assured of a very warm welcome.

    Thank you for your support
    Penarth & District Wargames Society


  3. the painting looks great but your bases are wonderful. They set the models off perfectly and I know I should always spend more time on that aspect of my figs but don’t…

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