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Quo Vadis, Cardiff Dicestudz?

Our chairman for life, Miguel Sanchez de Lorca read out the following speech in answer to the above question at a packed executive meeting of the Central Organising committee.

Covid restrictions reduced numbers initially.

Whither the Dicestudz in 2022?

The current craze for “ democracy” in the organisation is doomed to collapse sooner or later. It has realised the most complete perversion of every rational order of events.

There is no longer breath, nor liberty, nor light in the realm of gold, of the machine, of number. The Dicestudz have lost the meaning of command and obedience. We have lost the meaning of action and contemplation. We have lost the meaning of hierarchy, of spiritual power , of man-gods.

The opening speech was well received ( in the main)

We wanted to create here in Cardiff, a splendid cosmos in which men move freely as if in a “ kingdom within a kingdom.” The superb solar reality of club nights has degenerated into squabbles about who paid for the tables and who would buy the hot chocolate at two pounds seventy per cup? The blood, life and power of our movement has been replaced by members who actually read rules books and measure “ accurately”.

Not all members were happy at the mention of “ ambitious” measuring on the tabletop!

Rather, the club has been concerned with sentimentality and humanitarian contamination. Yes, comments about Christmas weight gain are not really welcome at meetings but if it wasn’t weight, it would be body odour or Homer Simpson t- shirt wearing! Valhalla is the privilege of heroes fallen on the battlefield. Crying in the admittedly well appointed toilets at the club Christmas jihad is not the behaviour of a true Dicestud.

A few left at this point in the speech. Order was restored with a minimum of disruption.

The tendency to mistake “ bigness for greatness” was noted by Viscount James Brice. We remain small in number but we remain resolute in being selective. There is a joy, peurile it maybe, in feeling oneself superior to others. A man who is truly great, naturally and internally, will find a home in our organisation. We shall always be a minority but quality, and never quantity, is our maxim! I look forward to yet another year as Jeffe of the Cardiff section of the Dicestudz!”

A standing ovation was held ( momentarily)

Happy new year !!!!!!


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