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Virtus 2021: The Masked Ball

It was a nerve wracking two weeks but our Christmas tournament survived the latest Covid clamp down regulations. Ten brave souls braved the moronicron variant to manfully celebrate the birth of our saviour with toy soldier warfare!

Why not follow the Chinese model of crisis management?

One hundred points under the L’art de la Guerre rules gives the player between ten and eighteen manoeuvre units. Played on a four foot square table, that’s just enough time and space to give a tactically challenging game plying out in about an hour and a half. The beauty of the short playtime is of course that the players get to play four games during the course of a day.

Players came from as far a way as Portishead to compete! Here two youngsters turn their backs on gangs and drug misuse to meet on the green baise!
Edward checks if he is on Santa’s naughty list?
Keith’s garlanded lions defying his opponent to approach!
Meanwhile Mark’s baggage guards appear to have forgotten their bras- welcoming their opponent to approach!
Young Keith McGlynn shares a wet country anecdote as his opponent slides gently under the table…..
Mark Fry’s Samaritan allies provide an unpredictable edge to the Parthian kettlemen.
Quin Chinese from the “ warring state” himself, Christopher Jackson ( no relation)
Mark Clarke’s Spanish allies!
Mark Clarke’s glorious legion! A joy to behold!
The clash of titans! Don McHugh faces the boy wonder Andy Unwin! Camels versus chariots!
Andy’s two wheeled dealers of death. An early version of Keith’s transport?
Fry and Whitby size each other up!
Cataphract camels painted by Jimmy! Who would stoop so low!?
Feel the tension!
Battle of the Barbs: Mike Shephards Gauls thump Edward’s Goths!
Chinese versus the Republic!
Andrew’s Persians face off against Iranians!
Elves face off against Keith. The prize is for first general killed in battle!
Ah the swirl of melee in miniature!
Parthians head East!

Four games down and the day had passed so quickly! Three players were in contention at the end of round three but the climactic face off between Richard and Andrew was over in minutes!

Our first “ winner” : losing an average of 95% of his army in each and every game! Virtus at its best( and one percent more than Chris )
The best painter award; Mark Clarke
Everybody’s favourite opponent Mark Fry: the sportsmanship award!
The emotion of the moment meant that Andrew failed to rise for the occasion: three wins but robbed at the last minute…
Second place for Richard Walker: always a smile and the generosity of spirit for which he has become a byword in East Brom
The ultimate victor; possessor of manly virtue indeed! Andy Unwin!

Thanks to all and sundry for making the event such a fun day! We are back hopefully in January for the Godendag weekender and adlg 100s in Easter. Join us if you can; have a wonderful Christmas and new year. I‘m off to pack more presents….

Happy Christmas to all!
I think these two are still there!


  1. You have to really pay attention to your posts to see the golden humor! Gulag Archipelago as presents!!!! As for the tournament, I’m jealous – what a fun group. Did you play at all?

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    • Any hint of leftism and they get a copy!!!!
      Master of ceremonies is a full time job! No games for me😔
      Another bigger tourney in two weeks so I’m hoping ccp-flu doesn’t flare back up!

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