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Bolt Action Variant : Match Action

This bank holiday I’m in need of a change, but a game that is not too taxing on the old locked-down grey matter. In a desperate attempt to motivate myself into getting my English Civil War painting done, I thought we might try a skirmish set in the seventeenth century. The rules that will be butchered in the process are of course the ever popular Bolt Action by Warlord Games. Gone are the Spandaus and Tigers and in come the Lobsters and the Witch-finder.

But it’s not witches that we are looking for this weekend, it’s those upstart Ranters that are intent on spreading rancour and discontent amongst the army of the Commonwealth. Having defeated the King’s lackeys, these malcontents are intent on splitting the army and demanding all that is not theirs. Seditious pamphleteers are abroad in the camp and your forces must root them out. The time for debate is over, a split now would bring calamity upon all our heads, find the Ranter!

Adapted from Scenario 8: Manhunt ( page 142 of Warlord Games’ Bolt Action)

In order prevent calumnity in our garrison, you have been ordered to capture a traitorous agent. The troops in the camp are green and have been lead astray by the false prophet. Consider all troops in the central area as hostile. If the capture cannot be affected, the agent must be eliminated.

Set-up and objective is same as rulebook.

Preparatory bombardment. There are no falling shells but the thought of fighting your former comrades is similar, spreading confusion and panic around the seditious camp. Note that if you roll a six for this “bombardment” on the target agent’s unit, this counts as a five.

All the other rules are just as in main rulebook. In the camp will be four twelve man units of Green musketeers, two twelve man units of Armoured pikes and a battalion gun. Colonel Leburne is the target of our cleansing. You will command three six man cornets of iron-sides and a veteran company of two musketeer units and one Pikeman’s unit ( again 12 strong). You hold the rank of colonel and you are accompanied by a God-fearing sergeant with the foot , namely Izekiel Hangham.

God’s strength! See you on the morrow! Kill them all, the Lord will know his own……..

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