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A recent traveller to Istanbul was horrified by a terrible vision of the future. Endless, sprawling suburbs full of people who were neither poor nor rich, just consuming in their isolation, just allowed to be consumers and play computer games. I very much hope this isn’t the future. Our hobby was in rude health by any measure before lock-down and it is to be hoped that circumstances allow a bounce back. One particular point of concern is of course the fate of the local gaming store. The emergence of these, non-GW store, venues have been an amazing transformation of the U.K. situation. I do like playing video games and I am a fan of the new Tabletop simulator but face-to-face wargaming must be supported. I have greatly missed playing games against a flesh and blood opponent, or even Chris Jackson. Here’s hoping that normality returns as soon as possible and when it does , we all make a real effort to combat isolation.

The Commands and Colors ancients project continues a pace with these Greek javelinmen. All Xyston sculpts and Little Big Man transfers. One possible trick I did miss was Wofun plexiglass flats. We will discuss this development next week.

Plastic toys were utilised for the above BUA. A quick wash of brown and some dry-brushing set these off nicely. I think that 10mm and smaller works quite well with 15mm  battles. And finally below, the Royalist Purple regiment is ready for this week’s solo game, “Man-hunt”. They are those lovely Bicorne sculpts and were a joy to paint. I’ve got some Bactrians on the painting table for next week and then it’s the Five Colour challenge- Renaissance army!

Stay safe and look out for news about your local Gamestore!


  1. Very nice Greeks, Mike! 🙂 It’ll be nice to get back to face-to-face gaming, particularly since I’m getting beaten in my play-by-email games (well, it’s not confirmed for me as the Greeks taking on the Persians, but I’d be amazed if I don’t lose)!

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    • I haven’t played by email for years. I was terrible. In the last campaign I gathered all my forces into three cities and saw all the others change hands in the second turn. It taught me to read the bloody rules. This lockdown has convinced me to buy a computer though for Total War campaigns!

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  2. steventhomasnz

    I particularly like the BUA and the five colour Renaissance.

    Where did you find the “Plastic toys … utilised for the above BUA”?

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    • Hi Steve,
      I got the Roman ruins from Drumandflag- it’s a four pound toy set made by Safari- three buildings and a trireme for £3.99!
      I blame you for the Renaissance Spaniards- I’ve got nearly four hundred to paint after your blog on Spanish uniforms!!!! Also picked up Tercio’s of Flandres- amazing plates!
      Good to hear from you!


      • steventhomasnz

        re “I blame you for the Renaissance Spaniards- I’ve got nearly four hundred to paint after your blog on Spanish uniforms!!!!”

        Sorry about that. Don’t you feel that, perhaps, 400 is, well, quite a lot.

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      • I was going to put eighteen on each BBDBA base- then realised that you can only get twelve pikemen on! And the sword and buckler men should probably be on skirmish bases! You can’t have too many! But- I may need a couple of hundred Landskneckts or Swiss to oppose them!


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