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Commands and Colors : the Miniatures Game

We all have our own conception of what would constitute the ultimate wargame. Mine would combine the excitement of Total War, the computer game,  with the collectibility of De Bellis Antiquitatis. It would have to avoid too many charts and tables, and end after an hour and a half. These days the ideal game would definately have to be of the “one brain cell” variety. I think I may have stumbled into Wargames nirvana.

 Image from GMT games
The Commands and Colors system with miniatures! Search for Commands and Colors, System X to find D.B.A. Armies for the game. The combat dice I mentioned last post are pretty generic. I intend to use my big base DBA bases for the playing pieces. I’ll see what colour coded bases look like on the weekend. If I use quite subtle shades of green, blue and red I think it may look quite appealing.

The dice with a corresponding colour gives the unit a hit. The three other sides of the dice is where I need to consult the community. I’ll have a go at putting an English Civil War skirmish together as a trial of the combat system. The card driven movement may or may not stay. Could general’s pips be substituted?

Using my child like geometry skills, a three inch hexagon is a little small. We may have to turn to the dreaded metric. Four inches would appear to be a little too large.

I gave up on the maths and sent off my requirements to Deepcut Studios. I shall let you know of their response. A four inch hex would allow my six man ECW units to be accommodated and 28mm L’art de La Guerre units.

So that’s the state of play thus far. Amazon sell lots of writeable dice so that should help with rules drafting. The rules are all free by the way from the GMT website. Please comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions. My youngest has already expressed his desire to add Sci Fi to the list of games scenarios so we shall see. Basing starts tonight!


  1. Ann

    I really like C&C too. The first time I was exposed to the system was playing Memoir ’44. Like you, I like games without too many charts and tables and that can be reasonably played in an evening.

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      • Ann

        Well, it is certainly an elegant system. I remember playing a very entertaining large scale hex-based home ruled version of C&C at a convention some years ago. I liked that of the 12 or so people playing the game, only 2-3 (including me) had been introduced to the C&C system, but everyone was pretty much up to speed, except for a few fine points, by turn two.

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      • Ann

        Well, I think you certainly chose the right system! So far as Memoir ’44 goes, although they can be an acquired taste and not everyone likes them, I do like the fog of war introduced by dividing the board into three sectors and having activation cards that work in various sectors. While there is the obvious luck factor, certainly, there is some strategy too, and I like the feel compared to many wargames where the general has perfect command of the forces in question, which runs counter to pretty much everything I’ve ever seen or read about such things.

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      • Ah now you are talking. Boxes of 15mm tanks to add to system! One tank per hex though and not quite sure if I can face rebasing all my Flames of War infantry!


    • Good to hear. I’ve seen a few miniatures games over the years and they all seam to run smoothly. My mat is being delivered tomorrow so games can begin in earnest. I’ll go and have a look at red alert tonight- thanks for the heads up!

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