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Uncivil war

The production line is in full swing. First of the line is a Royalist Blue regiment. I could pretend that I based them on a particular unit but who would I be fooling. The bases are for Pikeman’s Lament, the firm favourite for skirmishes in the English Civil War.

The miniatures are mainly Bicorne with a few Renegade, I believe both ranges by the same sculptor. The minis are full of character and a joy to paint. 

I’m desperate to get my sons playing a few games with this lot. 28mm figures are so well made these days and there is something about the scale that just feels “right”.

I’m happy with the skirmish feel of the bases. I do like how the miniatures form clumps of soldiers, much like reenactors, and not in regimented lines. 

Hope you like them



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