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Welcome to Cardiff Dice Studz

The much vaunted change of name of Cardiff’s leading wargames association went forward with minimal opposition. Despite rumours of a members’ backlash, a few disgruntled Tercio diehards peacefully protested in the car park outside the newly appointed Firestorm Games.

A scattering of change deniers made their presence felt.

A spokesman for the opposition “ no change’ movement was heard to call out that the change of name was wholly unnecessary after a recent audit had seen membership grow to forty nine members. An un- named club official said that the protest was wholly unwarranted and was due solely to the number of people who failed to join after a single game with the encumbent “yoof ( youth) officer.

A spokesman for the “ I’m not changing” group described the atmosphere at last nights demonstration as “ good natured.”

The move to change the club name to Cardiff Dice Studz was seen as a move by the president for life to consolidate his hold on power. When asked for a comment, President Baldwin gave this terse directive; “We need to lower the average age of the membership to below sixty five. Far too many young prospects have been turned off our association by threats of violence in their introductory games or else seek solace in alcohol after “ anecdotes” from our oldest members!” The move is likely to be unopposed in this Monday’s meeting of the Central Committee.

Long live the Party!

The official logo of the party has caused some consternation after a certain likeness to the Dice Studz gaming club from Canadian documentary series South Park.

It’s not just for boys you know!
Miniatures and board games will be available, all welcome. Ladies and even those who are undecided.
Club nights will happily begin again this week! The President has assured the previous membership that we have nothing to fear but fear itself and no new rules would be forthcoming.A full list of the new update membership ‘clarifications’ will be available this week.

A message from the President;

“I personally can’t wait to embark on this new error ( sic). An ageing membership must be avoided at all costs. Everyone must recognise of becoming a stale Welsh copy of Radio Two wargaming sites.

It is times like these when a man ( or woman, or ginger) must step forward and enact change! We want a new fresh look with fewer dictates by the so called “ majority” Compulsory attendance at club games will start from Friday.

First Cardiff, then the rest of the West Country!


  1. I for one am proud to announce the increase in the average age of the membership, having reached the grand old age of 75. I have been told that I can now add between -1 and +2 to my dice scores depending on how I read the situation, so more power to my elbow.

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