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Lasalle: my very own Spanish ulcer!

We don’t follow fashions in Cardiff. If a new version of a wargames rule set comes out, a certain percentage of players relish the fact that they will not move with the flock! One such stalwart of conservatism is Colin. He has been collecting Napoleonics since a child and the suspension springs on his Mark II Astra creaked as he entered that emporium of dreams that is Firestorm Games, Trade Street ( still), Cardiff. We would play Lasalle version one and like it!

The newly cleaned Colin passes muster!
Four brigades of Frenchmen would attempt to bring the Enlightenment to Spain at the point of a bayonet. Colin is busily planting trees on each flank to make this a game of attrition.
My light cavalry brigade was aiming to flank the British position before reinforcements arrived.
To the left of the cavalry, I massed my conscripts. I planned to create a massed battery so the less than enthusiastic sweepings of the Parisian street could stand guard a safe distance away from harm.
My left would deliver the knock out blow! Veteran Swiss would move through the ville and roll up the British flank.
What gentleman could not be stirred by such a sight?
Here’s one fellow who remained undaunted.
With the tape measure going in all directions and arcane knowledge of drill manuals, the British tried to prepare for a defence against cavalry.
But it wasn’t the cavalry the British had to worry about. The cavalry had done their task, now the grand battery could do its dirty work. Two British squares failed to hold out against the maelstrom.
It was time to send the infantry in against the Cornish and Scots.
The levee en masse were putting the elites to shame. Street fighting wasn’t to the taste of the Swiss veterans and the advanced bogged down.
The battered British squares were holding and the cavalry were losing heart. The conscripts too were falling back.
Drat! The British cavalry arrive to turn the tide!
One last push! The French cavalry slam into the fresh British hussars. Surely the gallant sabres could affect a break through? Just two more British units needed to break.
It wasn’t to be. The gallant mounted arm recoiled. Seeing their mounted arm lose heart, the French accepted that the crossroads objective was out of reach!
It had been an epic battle. Although still reluctant to move to version two, we are going to revisit Napoleonics with Blücher and Black Powder. Big Don has promised a visit and Steve has completed some superb new minis for a Christmas game. Thanks for reading and until next time, adieu!
Not more redcoats!!!!! Steve’s new toys.


  1. I am also jealous of the figure collection they look really good. Never played the rules but it is great some people are getting a chance to dust of the figures and get together in person for some games. Only been online for me. I miss the in person club games.

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    • Hi pal,
      I didn’t realise how much I had missed it. It is so easy to concentrate on what annoys and sometimes you just have to appreciate the finer things like; playing games and eating burgers! I’ve spent too much time on Total War to ever go back into computer campaigns but it’s a close second. Hopefully you’ll be out and about soon!

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