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6mm. Napoleonics “Quick as a Flash!”

What follows is the legendary brush maestro Steve Timjin’s guide to getting amazing results for these micro minis. Steve never fails to impress the Tercio with both the speed and quality of his output. So this time it’s over to our guest writer to lead you through the stages…..

Stage one- Clean up the minis and blu-tack them to sticks. First job, spray with black undercoat.

Stage two- Drybrush dark grey over minis to bring out detail. Note to beginners- dry brushing is when you load the brush up with thick paint, remove most of the paint into a tissue, then “drag” the brush over the minis. It does tend to ruin expensive brushed though.

Stage three- Then White drybrush over areas that will be white or yellow on these Spanish dragoons. The white helps out with dotting in the colour later, as it covers better.

Stage four- Red plumes done as a series of red dots with the brush,” quick as a flash!”
Stage five- Yellow on the jacket sleeves and the roll on the back of the horse. Just hold the stick and do the same swipe on each figure up the line.

Stage six- Blue dots on each side of the horse cloth and sabretache.

Stage seven- Brown on the scabbards, flagpoles and bases.

Stage eight- Dots of flesh colour for faces and hands.

Stage nine- Now the blokes are finished, it’s on to the horses. Firstly, grey on about a third of the total number.

Stage ten- I then add white highlights on about half of the greys for variety. All the manes and tails are just left black. I also use the white to add some socks and forehead markings as this sets them off nicely.

Stage eleven- I then do a load of the remaining horses in brown, leaving a few black for variety. If there are a lot I often use a couple of shades of brown to mix it up a bit.

Stage twelve- Finally a bit of detail painted on the flags.

Stage thirteen- final painting step is a varnish/ wash magic mix. I use matt acrylic varnish with roughly equal amounts of brown and black wash added.

Stage fourteen.- Varnish is the main ingredient. This adds some  nice shading and protects the models. The varnish thins the wash out beautifully so it doesn’t dull the colours or look too dirty.

Stage fifteen- Magic mix on the sticks. Remove the minis from the sticks.

Last stage before basing! Chop the figure strips up for mixing into units of complimentary colours.

Keep reading next week for how to base your freshly painted heroes the Timjin way!

Our thanks to Steve for this excellent guide. We hope to hear more from the Welsh paint demon over the next months.


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