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Partizan Press-  Universal Wargames supplements

Colin Flaherty is a prolific and respected author of Napoleonic subjects and especially the Ottoman Turks, but today I want to draw your attention to three of his books from Partizan Press. The three are in a series called Universal Wargames Rules Supplements and although written primarily for the Napoleonic Wars would be of use to many other dates and theatres. 

The first; Napoleonic Small Siege, River Ship, Gunboat and Pontooning Rules would prove of use from the age of Marlborough through to the American Civil War. Primarily intended for 25/28mm scale the ideas are easily adaptable for scale regardless of your main rules, providing inspiration for ways to extend our usual tabletop battles and campaigns into areas we would not consider. Think of the main continental rivers such as the Rhine and the Danube, important arteries even today or for that matter the Great lakes or the Mississippi in America 

The second book in the series; Foraging, Insurrection, Marauders, Bakeries, Supply Convoys and Encampments, again takes us into areas rarely considered but opens up numerous new ideas to the Wargamer especially for those that enjoy campaigns or raids.

Lastly but not least; Napoleonic Balloon Warfare, this is an area I had not even considered that again broadens the opportunity to create some interesting scenarios, especially with regards to the American Civil War where his became an even more important means of observing the enemy. 

All the books are well written and provide rules to incorporate the ideas into various rules but do seem to work well with Black Powder, additionally there are guides to modelling and suppliers of suitable figures. For someone who like me has a particular liking for skirmish games these books are an invaluable source for the creation of game scenarios and I hope to write about some of these at a later date.
Uncle Ken


    • Ken does find some gems out there! I would love to get a long running campaign up and running but it is quite hard. It would be great if u could merge Total War campaign mechanism with scope for miniature tabletop gaming!

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    • Just finished volume three of Foote’s trilogy on the ACW. It’s an amazing tale all told and as you say, the scale of the war takes some understanding.

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